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Red vs. Blue: Season 4 is the fourth full season of Red vs. Blue. It began airing August 29, 2005. It continues the story with the Reds returning to Blood Gulch and the Blues going on an ancient quest. This season features 20 episodes, as opposed to the standard 19 for the first three seasons, a first for the series. This season also features an alien model character, another first. The Season 4 DVD was released on May 4, 2006 and arrived in GameStop stores on May 9, 2006.

It is the fourth installment in The Blood Gulch Chronicles.


The fourth season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and part of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. A bomb with a bad attitude, an alien with an epic score to settle, and the usual gang of hapless soldiers are on a quest to save the universe from an ancient prophecy of destruction. The situation doesn't look too good...


Red Team[]

Blue Team[]



Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description
58. Familiar Surroundings 4:22 Grif has a hard time coming to terms with the Red team's unexpected return to Blood Gulch; meanwhile, back on Zanzibar, Church gets scared out of his own body.
59. Hunting Time 4:34 The Blues search for the "big thing" while Sarge tries a new strategy to get Grif down from the ledge.
60. Fight or Fright 6:37 Simmons becomes frustrated at the fact that Sarge won't believe about the tank; meanwhile, the Blues send in bait to lure the alien into a trap.
61. Fair Competition 4:56 Donut finds competition in his attempt to become the Reds' new second in command while Caboose introduces the Blues to the Alien.
62. Lost in Triangulation 5:50 The Blues try to figure out the Alien's name while Simmons and Sheila make plans.
63. The Hard Stop 5:01

Tucker tries to teach the Alien how to speak English while Donut keeps Simmons away from the Red Base.

64. Previous Commitments 5:29 The Blues find someone to translate the Alien's language while Simmons mounts an assault on the Red Base.
65. Looking for Group 4:08 Tucker, Caboose, Andy and the Alien prepare for a dangerous quest while Grif tries to talk Simmons out of killing all the Reds.
66. Exploring Our Differences 3:44 Simmons takes Grif hostage while Church has a heart to heart talk with Tucker about his dangerous quest.
67. Setting a High Bar 4:21 Donut and Sarge investigate Grif's kidnaping, while the Quest team arrives at the burning planes to face a demon.
68. Getting All Misty 5:34 Sarge's rescue attempt goes awry while the Quest team uses Tucker as bait.
69. Talk of the Town 3:52 The Quest team arrives at the Great Freezing Plains while Church negotiates a surrender with Donut.
70. Sneaking In 4:01 Tex storms the Freezing Plains base while Donut explains to Sarge and Grif how he led the greatest military operation ever to free them.
71. You Keep Using That Word 5:18 Sheila gets mad over Church's new fleet while an old enemy creates an obstacle for the Quest.
72. Getting Debriefed 4:35 Simmons returns to the Red Base while the Quest team return from a disastrous encounter.
73. Under the Weather 5:59 Church and Caboose confront Andy about Tucker's illness while Simmons tries to get his team's trust back.
74. Right to Remain Silenced 6:41 Simmons tries to share some important information with his team while the Blues invite O'Malley to the Blue base.
75. Things Are Looking Down 5:55 Church introduces O'Malley to the team while Donut tries to get some information out of Lopez.
76. Two for One 8:39 While Doc examines Tucker inside Blue Base, the Reds digress into a discussion on the relative appropriateness of hand-to-hand combat, sniping, and nuclear warfare.
77. The Arrival 7:18 The Reds decipher the important information from Lopez while the Blues get ready for a new arrival.

Other Episodes[]

The Winter Lames: The Olympics Suck[]

The Reds and Blues tell their thoughts about the Winter Olympics and how it should be more "extreme".

Lethargy Crisis[]

The characters give some tips on how to survive the rising price of gasoline, such as the alternative of milk, though it is more expensive.

Zero O'Clock[]

Grif attempts to leave with Simmons to see the launch of the Xbox 360, only to be sidetracked by Sarge.

Vive la Resolution![]

The teams try to come up with resolutions for the first annual "Blood Gulch Resolution-off" as the new year approaches.

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