Red vs. Blue: Season 3 is the third full season of Red vs. Blue. It began airing on October 12, 2004. This season continues the story, with the Blood Gulch teams finding themselves in the future, fighting off a bounty hunter, and a robot army. The season also introduces the use of the Halo 2 engine, as well as the Marathon Trilogy engine.

It is the third installment in The Blood Gulch Chronicles.


The third season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and part of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. The universe is in chaos, and the final hope for humanity is two-thousand years in the past with a fast-talking computer that loves knock-knock jokes. What could possibly go wrong?


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Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description
39. The Best Laid Plans 8:22 The Reds and Blues find themselves scattered across the universe as they attempt to hunt down the evil mastermind O'Malley.
40. Visiting Old Friends 7:22At Battle Creek, Sarge and Caboose try to escape from a bizarre battle between two groups of unknown Red and Blue soldiers.
41. Let's Get Together 6:14O'Malley sets his evil plans in motion, while the Reds and Blues debate their next move.
42. You're the Bomb, Yo 6:03Church and Grif get used to life on the inside, while Simmons and Donut make an attempt at reprogramming the teleporters.
43. Make Your Time 10:09The Reds and Blues must work together to stop O'Malley and disable the ten megaton bomb inside Church's robot body.
44. We Must Rebuild 3:38Grif and Simmons try to make sense of their new futuristic surroundings, while Caboose and Donut make an important discovery.
45. New Toys 4:58Sarge and Donut attempt to fix the Warthog while O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez inspect their new home.
46. We're Being Watched 5:48O'Malley, Doc, and Lopez run into an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, the Reds intercept a transmission from an old adversary.
47. It's a Biological Fact 5:34The Reds and Blues meet up with Tex on the beach of Zanzibar and plot ways to infiltrate O'Malley's compound.
48. Heavy Metal 6:29Sarge and Tex lead an offensive against O'Malley, with Caboose doing some heavy lifting.
49. Roaming Charges 7:00Church seeks help from an ancient computer, while the Reds search for Lopez's missing head.
50. Silver Linings 16:29Church travels back in time in an attempt to fix all his past mistakes in Blood Gulch.
51. Episode 50 Part 2 8:41Church discovers that the events of the past are hard to change, and even harder to believe.
52. Have We Met? 10:24Church's travels through time lead him into an unexpected temporal loop of confusion.
53. Let's Come to Order 4:42Tucker shows off his new sword to the Blues while the Reds "monkey about".
54. Hello, My Name Is Andrew 5:22The Reds debate over the source of an incoming distress signal while Caboose introduces everyone to his new friend, Andy.
55. Defusing the Situation 5:02The Blue Team tries to calm down Andy, and Grif gets the wrong idea.
56. Calm Before the Storm 5:10O'Malley uses Lopez's Robot Army to begin his attack on the Reds and Blues... his very, very slow attack.
57. The Storm 8:21 As the Reds escape by tracking down the source of the distress signal, Church tries to figure out the prophecy of the "Great Destroyer" as O'Malley's Robot Army inches closer.

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Thanksgiving Day PSA: Indigestion 2004Edit

For Thanksgiving, Sarge announces his plan to outdo the turducken with his own improbably complex creation, while Grif and Church try to point out the difference between Red vs. Blue and Red and Blue states to confused viewers as the 2004 general election loomed.

Winter PSA 2005: Cold & Flu Season TipsEdit

Grif and Simmons present various tips to combat the cold and flu, though they have little expert knowledge of the subject.

Old Annoyance Be ForgotEdit

Celebrating Christmas 2004 in the wasteland without Church, the teams reminisce about the previous Christmas, and how he ruined it for them all.

Major PlayersEdit

The teams prepare for the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

OMG. Humped.Edit

Members of the gulch compete in Halo 2 against Bungie Studios, and are defeated.

Uncharted TerritoriesEdit

The Blue Team traipse through the new maps of Halo 2 in order to find their parked car.


  • In Episode 41, when it cuts to Sidewinder it shows a skull. This could be private Jimmy's skull. Despite Church's past being largely fabricated, Why They're Here reveals Private Jimmy did indeed exist.
  • During the shift into the newly-released Halo 2 engine, Season 3 featured a number of experiments made by Rooster Teeth, with the characters featuring changes in sub-colors and emblems. These experiments only lasted a few episodes however, and were discarded in the remastered editions.
  • During the production of Season 3, Rooster Teeth discovered how to drop weapons in the Halo 2 engine, allowing them to both increase the usable aspect ratio of the game's camera and remove the need to constantly "nudge" the camera character to avoid causing a first-person viewing of the weapon.
  • Episodes 41 through 43 were released back-to-back to fit with the period where Halo 2 hit stores. Burnie Burns stated it was exhausting: "I got 4 hours of sleep in three days. After Episode 43 came out, I actually fell asleep in mid-sentence while talking to someone. They thought I died."[1]

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