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Red vs. Blue: Season 2 is the second full season of Red vs. Blue. It began airing on January 3, 2004. The season is set three months after the first season and continues the story of the soldiers in Blood Gulch. The season introduces a new character, Doc, and a new villain, O'Malley.

It is the second installment of The Blood Gulch Chronicles.


The second season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue and part of The Blood Gulch Chronicles. When a mild-mannered medical officer finds himself deployed to the most worthless stretch of land in the entire galaxy, the last thing he expects to find are his first patients dead, a poltergeist haunting a robot, a 200-ton tank in the center of a love triangle, and an evil strain of artificial intelligence attempting to enslave all of humanity.


Red Team[]

Blue Team[]



Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description
20. Everything Old is New Again 7:10 Medical Officer DuFresne arrives in Blood Gulch and meets the Blue Team.
21. Motion to Adjourn 3:56 The Blues fend off an attack from the Reds, while the Reds fend off themselves.
22. Red vs. Bleu 4:23 The Blues surrender and sacrifice Doc. In return, the Reds sacrifice Grifs self-esteem.
23. The Joy of Toggling 4:28 Doc distances himself from Grif. Meanwhile, the Blues make a discovery.
24. Sweet Ride 3:55 The Blues almost, inadvertently and accidentally, toggle Sarge to death.
25. Last Words 4:48 Doc makes an impression on Sarge while the Blues try to fix Church's switch.
26. Nobody Likes You 4:36 When the Reds try to make a deal with the Blues, one soldier gets stuck in the middle.
27. Nine Tenths of the Law 5:23 Donut tries to get more in touch with the other members of Red Team better, while Church makes a strategic error - listening to Caboose.
28. In Stereo Where Available 4:01 The Blues try to control Lopez, while the Reds set out looking for a little payback.
29. Radar Love 4:02 Sparks fly when Lopez and Sheila meet, but the unexpected return of a former ally changes everything.
30. I Dream of Meanie 4:31 Tex tries to explain her mysterious return, while Sarge looks for a volunteer for a special project.
31. Room for Rent 3:54 Church and Tex venture into Caboose's mind in search for O'Malley.
32. Me, Myself and You 3:14 Church and Tex continue their search for O'Malley, while Tucker, Sheila and Lopez approach the Red Base.
33. An Audience of Dumb 7:45 While Lopez serenades the Red Team to get them to shut off their radios, Tex and Church come face to face with O'Malley.
34. Aftermath, Before Biology 4:27 While a personality changed Doc discovers a strange vehicle, Grif has an operation.
35. What's Mine is Yours 4:48 Simmons and Grif bicker over surgery while Sarge discloses that Lopez is hiding secret plans.
36. Nut. Doonut. 5:55 While Caboose becomes jealous of Sheila and Lopez's relationship, Grif and Donut undertake a secret spy mission. Donut then overhears Doc/O'Malley make diabolical plans.
37. Dealer Incentive 6:27 Blue Team interrogates Donut, with Church possessing him in an attempt to trick the Reds.
38. K.I.T. B.F.F. 13:25 The battle for Blood Gulch moves beyond just Red vs. Blue when O'Malley initiates his master plan.

Joke Episode[]

Episode 28.5 - The Last Episode Ever[]

A non-canonical episode where Sarge and Simmons are supposed to be dead due to the Warthog's self destruct sequence. This episode was made as an April Fools joke.

Other Episodes[]

A Message to the Science Community[]

After an interrupted introduction, the teams complain about the number of NASA-sent space exploration rovers in the gulch, noting it would be much easier to call them using a phone if the they want to find out what the canyon is like.

A Very Special Mother's Day Message[]

Sarge and Tucker talk about how to approach your mother with gifts on Mother's Day.

Tax Day Tips[]

Sarge whines to Tucker about how much taxes he has to pay. Doc appears and tries to sort out their problems - though he nearly gets killed instead.

St. Patrick's Day[]

Donut attempts to convince Doc and Tucker that they must pinch him for not wearing green armor on St. Patrick's Day.

Raise 'Em if Ya Got 'Em[]

Donut now tries to convince Doc and Tucker that he is allowed to pinch them for not having a flag on Flag Day. He then suggests such festive games, such as "raise the flagpole".

4th Of July Safety Tips[]

Church, Caboose, and Donut demonstrate the do's and don'ts when using fireworks on the 4th of July.

G4's Halo 2 Day[]

The Reds and Blues advertise G4's Halo 2 day.

The MTV2 2004 Video: Priorities[]


The South x Southwest 2004 Video: X Is For Austin[]

Church and Grif argue over what the "X" stands for in South x Southwest.

The E3 2004 Video: Much Ado About What Thing?[]

Sarge tells Grif, Simmons, Church, and Tucker about how great the upcoming Halo 2 campaign will be.

The Barenaked Ladies and Alanis Morissette Concert Tour[]

After Ed Robertson gave a shout out to Red vs Blue on his blog, Rooster Teeth eventually contacted his band Barenaked Ladies and did special videos for their upcoming tour, promoting the album Everywhere for Everyone. The videos are available on the RVBX box set, and audio versions appear in the Play Everywhere for Everyone series that recorded every concert (which included one in Rooster Teeth's own Austin).


The Reds and Blues reveal they have been invited to attend the Barenaked Ladies concert.


Church and Simmons attempt to greet the audience, but are interrupted by obvious attempts at subliminal messaging.

Have to Pee[]

Grif and Simmons wait in the bathroom line.

Steve Water[]

Church puts four bottles of cough syrup in Steve Water's drink.

Front Row[]

Church complains about his poor seats for the concert, and begins to heckle Simmons in the front row.

Stage Fright[]

Church gets stage fright.


Church and Tucker introduce a guide to concert-going etiquette.

The Penny Arcade Exposition 2004 Video: Penny Pinchers[]

The crew runs into obstacles while trying to film an introduction to the convention.

The Alamo Drafthouse 2004 Video: Remember the Alamo[]

Church promotes the screening of Red vs. Blue at the Alamo Drafthouse.

London Calling[]

Blue Team informs the audience that Red vs. Blue will be screening in a movie theatre in the United Kingdom.

The Anime Reactor 2004 Video: Anime Reactor[]

Red Team introduces Anime Reactor 2004.

Go For Launch[]

In anticipation of the release of Halo 2, this video was released on Bungie's website. In it, Sarge shows a video of supposed improvements to vehicles, weapons, and bases in reference to their actual updates in the new game, though they are either ineffective or make things worse from the viewpoint of a soldier defending himself.

The Spike TV VGA 2004 Videos[]

Sarge and Church get ready to attend the first annual Spike TV Video Game Awards.

The Computer Gaming World 2004 Video: What Could Have Been[]

Church and Grif explain that, before Red vs. Blue was created, Computer Gaming World included a previous Rooster Teeth video on a DVD and people began visiting their website. Wishing to take advantage of the visitors, they went through multiple ideas for a series, mostly certain film genres, before settling on Red vs. Blue.

Real Life vs. Internet[]

Church and Grif discuss the differences between real life and the internet to newcomers.



  • This is the first season to start with a time jump, taking place around three months after Season 1.
  • The initial website releases of the Season 2 episodes featured censor bleeps, due to complaints Rooster Teeth had received over the level of profanity featured in Season 1. The censoring however received an even heavier amount of criticism than the profanity, and was dropped for future seasons. DVD releases of Season 2 do no feature the censor bleeps.
  • As a note, "Nut. Doonut." — a reference to James Bond's introduction, "Bond. James Bond." — is the episode title as listed on the Rooster Teeth website and on the Red vs. Blue: Season Two DVD. However, the six versions downloadable from the Internet show different titles, each another reference to the James Bond series (specifically, the six starring Sean Connery):
Format Resolution Full title James Bond reference
QuickTime Low "Blunderball" Thunderball
High "Dr. No-No" Dr. No
Windows Media Video Low "You Only Spawn Twice" You Only Live Twice
High "From Blood Gulch With Love" From Russia with Love
DivX Low "Dummies Are Forever" Diamonds Are Forever
High "Pinkfinger" Goldfinger

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