Season 14 OST

The Red vs. Blue: Season 14 Soundtrack contains music from Season 14. The music is composed by Trocadero & David Levy. It was released on May 28, 2018 on iTunes,[1] and the following day on Amazon[2] and Google Play.[3] A CD release is available at Rooster Teeth's store.[4]

Track listingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1 Aperture Trocadero & David Levy 1:08 Room Zero
2 Wind Up Trocadero & David Levy 1:05 Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome
3 Slingshot Trocadero & David Levy (ft. Meredith Hagan) 3:28 Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome, Season 14 end credits
4 Amnesia David Levy 1:35 Club, Season 14 end credits
5 Far Too Bold David Levy 3:04 Call
6 Daddy's Home David Levy 0:59 Consequences
7 Bang David Levy 2:52
8 Sunrise David Levy 1:35
9 Slingshot (Instrumental) Trocadero & David Levy 3:10
10 Aper Trocadero & David Levy 0:29 Season 14
11 Hey Trocadero (ft. Geoff Ramsey, Gus Sorola and Matt Hullum) 0:29 Red vs. Blue: The Musical
12 Red Rockets Trocadero (ft. Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Gus Sorola, Dan Godwin & Burnie Burns) 1:58
13 Leonard's Lament Trocadero (ft. Burnie Burns, Jason Saldaña, Joel Heyman, Yomary Cruz & Matt Hullum) 2:27
14 Plan D Trocadero (ft. Dan Godwin and Yomary Cruz) 2:01 Red vs. Blue: The Musical, Season 14 end credits
15 Bent Intro Trocadero 0:25 Get Bent
16 A Girl Named Tex (Instrumental) Trocadero 3:26
17 No One (Instrumental) Trocadero 2:41 Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome
18 Glow Trocadero & David Levy 2:12 Head Cannon
19 Stingshot Trocadero & David Levy (feat. Meredith Hagan) 3:02
20 Friends David Levy 3:50 Caboose's Guide to Making Friends
21 Winer Bar Trocadero & David Levy 1:39 Invaders from Another Mother
22 Little Sweeper Trocadero 0:46 Mr. Red vs. Mr. Blue
23 Bandwagon Trocadero & David Levy 2:23 Fight the Good Fight
24 Ether Trocadero & David Levy 3:31 The Triplets, The "Mission"
25 Post Firecracker Trocadero 0:29 The Brick Gulch Chronicles
26 Day at the Office Trocadero & David Levy 7:43 Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth
27 Closure Trocadero & David Levy 1:57 Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth


  • The track "Amnesia", listed in the Consequences credits as "Making an Entrance", features in the saxophone then-Rooster Teeth motion design and creative services director Brian Behm. Another track, "Bang", features then-sound designer Clayton de Wet on the guitar.


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