Season 13 OST

The Red vs. Blue: Season 13 Soundtrack contains music from Season 13. The music is primarily composed by Trocadero & David Levy. The soundtrack is currently available on iTunes , Google Play , Amazon , and Spotify .

Track ListingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Drift Trocadero (feat. Orville Johnson) 0:25 Season 13
2. Faraday Trocadero (feat. David Levy) 1:45 Season 13 Trailer
3. Contact Redux Trocadero (feat. Meredith Hagan) 3:35 Season 13 Credits
4. Arrival David Levy 0:57 Prologue
5. Steel Trocadero & David Levy 0:40 Prologue
6. Hostile Merger Trocadero & David Levy 1:24 Prologue
7. People Person Trocadero & David Levy 1:12 Prologue
8. Recruitment Trocadero & David Levy 0:57 Prologue
9. Absolute Control Trocadero & David Levy 2:46 Along Came a Spider
10. Remnants Trocadero & David Levy 1:39 Along Came a Spider
11. Motivations Trocadero & David Levy 2:16 Locus of Control
12. Temple Trocadero & David Levy 3:40 Tourist TrapAlong Came a Spider
13. Gateway Trocadero & David Levy 2:28 Locus of Control, The End is Near
14. Ancient Gifts Trocadero & David Levy 2:56 Test Your MightYou Better Watch Out
15. Hello Again Trocadero & David Levy 0:47 You Better Watch Out
16. (Always) a Trap Trocadero & David Levy 2:25 You Better Watch Out
17. The Summit Trocadero & David Levy 0:34 Temple of the Key
18. Soldiers and Killers Trocadero & David Levy 0:44 Dish Best Served
19. Avalanche Trocadero & David Levy 3:57 Dish Best Served
20. The Second Sword Trocadero & David Levy 1:29 Off - Key
21. Overlook Trocadero (feat. Orville Johnson) 2:09 The Thin Fed Line
22. Reconcilable Differences Trocadero & David Levy 1:26 Counseling
23. Chorus (Exit) Trocadero & David Levy 0:43 Armonia, Part 1
24. Round 2 Trocadero & David Levy 0:50 Armonia, Part 1
25. Armory Trocadero & David Levy 1:08 Armonia, Part 1
26. Rematch Trocadero & David Levy 1:12 Armonia, Part 1
27. Bullet Train Trocadero & David Levy 2:10 Armonia, Part 2
28. Over Trocadero & David Levy 0:40 Armonia, Part 2
29. In Spite of Fear Trocadero & David Levy 2:39 Armonia, Part 2
30. What We Fight For (Half Life) Trocadero & David Levy 2:28 All or NothingChorus Lessons
31. Unified Trocadero & David Levy 0:44 Great Destroyers
32. Showdown Trocadero & David Levy 1:14 Great Destroyers
33. Fatum Iustum Stultorum I Trocadero & David Levy 5:43 Great Destroyers
34. Fatum Iustum Stultorum II Trocadero & David Levy 1:09 Great Destroyers
35. Ex Ill Focus Trocadero & David Levy 1:00 The End is Near
36. Prelude for Losers? Trocadero & David Levy 1:18 The End is Near
37. Partners Trocadero & David Levy 1:08 The End is Near
38. Dear Everyone Trocadero & David Levy 2:01 The End is Near
39. Reparation Trocadero 2:31 The End, Reckless
40. Prelude to Victory? Trocadero & David Levy 0:40 The End
41. Contact (Final Transmission) Trocadero & David Levy 3:28 The End
42. Armonia Trocadero & David Levy (feat. Orville Johnson) 2:48 Armonia, Part 2, The End

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Trivia Edit

  • Tracks 33 and 34, Fatum Iustum Stultorum I & Fatum Iustum Stultorum II may be a reference to the 26th level of Bungie’s Marathon 2: Durandal, which bears the same name. This reference may also be an allusion to the original Great Prophecy, which is told to Church by Gary in the past; the past being filmed using Marathon.
    • Interestingly, Fatum Iustum Stultorum is Latin for the just fate of the unworthy. Considering both tracks appear in Great Destroyers, during which Felix is attempting to activate the Purge - a temple that is said to be only used if a world's inhabitants are considered unworthy - it is a very appropriate name for those tracks. It could also allude to Carolina and Wash's victory over Felix and Locus in the same episode, with the mercenaries being considered the unworthy ones, and their just fate being their loss.
  • Ex Ill Focus is an anagram for Felix Locus, much like how Soul Clef IX is from the Red vs. Blue: Season 12 Soundtrack. Both tracks seem to focus on the two mercenaries.
  • Reparation is a remix of the Trocadero song Preparation, while Faraday is also a remix of the song Faraway. Contact Redux and Contact (Final Transmission) are both a cover and an instrumental cover respectively of the song Contact.
  • In the song Armonia, the following lyrics are heard, Yankee, Echo, November, Delta, Echo, two, four, one, ten, November, Delta, Sierra, Delta, India, Delta, India, Tango. are heard. The NATO phonetic letters are an anagram of Yes, did it and End, end, the former referencing Epsilon's successful transmission in The End is Near and the Season 13 Trailer, and the latter referencing fact he glitches out under extreme pressure. Two, four, one, ten is a reference to the song Contact, further alluding to the transmission theme.
  • In addition to being an instrumental remix of Contact, Contact (Final Transmission) also contains the main riff of the songs Faraway and Faraday .
  • Fatum Iustum Sultorum I and Soldiers and Killers contain remixes of the Trocadero song Big Prize , otherwise known as the Reconstruction theme.
  • Absolute Control and Reparation both contain elements from the Trocadero song (When) Your Middle Name Is Danger .
  • In Spite of Fear contains elements from the Trocadero song Alien Champion .
  • This album contains the second highest number of songs of any Red vs. Blue soundtrack, after the Red vs. Blue: Season 15 Soundtrack.

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