Season 12 OST

The Red vs. Blue: Season 12 Soundtrack contains music from Season 12, as well as Season 11, of Red vs. Blue. The music is composed by Trocadero. It includes new, original music as well as previously released music. The soundtrack is currently available on the RT Store,[1] Amazon,[2] iTunes,[3] Google Play,[4] and Spotify.[5]

Track listingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Relay (Intro) Trocadero 0:24 Season 12, Ten Little Roosters, Ep. 4
2. Chorus Trocadero 2:06 FAQThe Federal Army of Chorus, Fed vs. New
3. Loom Trocadero 1:28 S.O.S.Long Live the KingWorst Laid PlansHit and RunLocus of Control, The End is Near
4. Radio Check Trocadero 0:44 Oh Captains, My Captains
5. Finger Pushups Trocadero 1:44 Training Daze
6. Reconnoiterish Trocadero 0:44 Oh Captains, My Captains
7. Hit and Run Trocadero 1:50 Hit and RunMultiple Choice
8. Colony Ride for Sale, Cheap Trocadero 0:31 Thin Ice, Catch Up, No Mustard
9. Control Trocadero 2:28 The ReunionYou Know Who We AreAlong Came a Spider
10. Schemer Trocadero 0:52 Reconciliation
11. Bad Memories Trocadero 0:50 The Federal Army of Chorus
12. MJSD Trocadero 1:34 Crash Site Crashers, Accentuate the Interrogative
13. Soul Clef XI (Redux) Trocadero 1:08 Something Else Entirely, Reflections
14. Vanessa Trocadero 1:47 Something Else EntirelyCrash Site Crashers
15. Taco Night Trocadero 0:56 Thin Ice
16. Saltine Trocadero 3:49 Long Time No See
17. Manticore Blues Trocadero 0:57 S.O.S., The End is Near
18. Crossfire Rag Trocadero 1:16 Oh Captains, My Captains
19. Blue Leader Trocadero 1:04 Out of the Frying Pan
20. July Trocadero 1:06 Out of the Frying Pan
21. New Horizon Trocadero 1:13 Out of the Frying Pan
22. Soul Clef XI Trocadero 3:10 FireCloak and Dagger, Fed vs. New
23. Link Trocadero 0:59 You Know Who We Are
24. All or Nothing Trocadero 0:46 Self Assessment, Multiple Choice
25. Pregame 18 Trocadero 0:36 Cloak and Dagger, Fed vs. New
26. Prancing Bull Trocadero 2:45 Fed vs. New
27. Relay (Epistolary) Trocadero 0:57 You Know Who We Are
28. Half Life Trocadero 4:37 Season 12 Teaser Trailer, Season 12 credits
29. Funny Farm Trocadero 5:05 Cloak and Dagger
30. Chorus (Demo) Trocadero 0:49 None
31. MGE Trocadero 2:09 You Know Who We Are
32. Half Life (Instrumental) Trocadero 4:41 Season 12 Teaser Trailer, Multiple ChoiceAll or Nothing
33. Contact Trocadero 3:34 Season 11, Season 11 credits, The Federal Army of Chorus



  • "Contact" was originally a single from When We're Together, however, it's also been included on this soundtrack for its use in The Chorus Trilogy.
  • This soundtrack includes songs released on previous Trocadero albums, such as "Half Life" and "Funny Farm". In addition, the soundtrack also includes new variations of previously released songs, such as "Prancing Bull" being a new version of Flying By Wire 's "Dancing Bull".
  • Unlike the previous three Red vs. Blue soundtracks, this is the first soundtrack to contain music solely composed by Trocadero.
  • The song "Soul Clef XI" is an anagram for "Locus Felix", the two characters the song relates to.

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