Red vs. Blue: Season 11 is the eleventh full season of Red vs. Blue. It premiered on June 14, 2013. The season continues where the previous ended, with the Reds and Blues fending for themselves after a shipwreck. A teaser trailer was first released on May 19, 2013. It is the first installment in The Chorus Trilogy.


The eleventh season of the action-comedy series Red vs. Blue. For more than a decade, the hapless, helpless and occasionally hopeless anti-heroes of the Halo universe -- the Reds and Blues -- have fumbled their way from one adventure to another. They have survived aliens, Freelancers, evil artificial intelligence programs, and secret government conspiracies. But now that they have been shipwrecked in a mysterious canyon, they will have to work together to survive the greatest foe of all...themselves.


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Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description
0. Teaser Trailer 2:00Two hapless space marines argue over what to do when they realize they have an astronomically huge problem on their hands.
1. One-Zero-One 4:38After a ship crash landing, the Blues and Reds get accommodated in at their new home.
2. Get Your Tucks in a Row 3:43The Reds discuss a predicament they face about their base, while Wash and Caboose leave for Blue base to confront Tucker.
3. Barriers to Entry 4:52While Wash comforts a somber Caboose, Sarge lays down a few guidelines with respect to his personal space.
4. Heavy Mettle 5:36Caboose stumbles upon something mysterious.
5. A Real Fixer Upper 5:29While Sarge mobilizes the Red Team's recent addition, Tucker and Washington begin to work on the communications tower.
6. S.O.S. 8:38The Reds and Blues work together to repair the communications tower and Caboose gets a new pet.
7. Can I Keep It? 7:11The Blues meet Freckles, while Grif and Simmons are ordered to surveil the Blue Team.
8. The Grass is Greener. The Blues are Bluer. 4:44Simmons and Grif conduct their investigation on the Blue team.
9. A House Divided, Then Multiplied 5:31Sarge gets alarmed over Simmons leaving, while Washington and Tucker quarrel.
10. Long Live the King 6:10The balance between the Red and Blue teams gets tilted.
11. Worst Laid Plans 8:31While Caboose gets acclimated with his new role, the Reds reveal a plan to dispose of Freckles.
12. Finders Keepers 7:41Doc, Sarge, and Grif unearth some interesting things inside the ship.
13. +1 Follower6:56Simmons introduces social media to the canyon.
14. Reconciliation7:08Wash and Tucker debate about leadership.
15. Neighborhood Watch 9:52Caboose gets a present, while the construction of the Mantis is completed.
16. FAQ 6:06Felix tells the Reds and Blues about where they landed and why it was so important for him to find them.
17. Ready…Aim… 7:57The Blues and Reds prepare to fortify their defenses.
18. Fire8:55The Blues and Reds fight Locus and the Federal Army.
19. Lost But Not Forgotten8:54Tucker, Caboose, Grif, and Simmons join the New Republic army.

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Global ChampionshipEdit

Prepare for the Halo Global Championship, kicking off this summer at RTX 2013!

The #1 Movie in the GalaxyEdit

Sarge shows the Blues a trailer he made for a Red vs. Blue movie.

Game ChangerEdit

The Commissioner of Grifball has some big news for the that's probably bad.

I Just Spied in Your Arms TonightEdit

What to do if the NSA spies on you while you're playing video games.


  • This is the first season in the series which has nothing to do with A.I. and/or Project Freelancer.
  • This is also the first season to not have Burnie Burns as a writer, with writing being taken over by Miles Luna.
  • Season 11 returns to an episodic style resembling the Blood Gulch Chronicles, including the sole use of Machinima for animation, After Effects-inserted images to represent items not found in the Halo game engines, and a higher emphasis on comedy than action. Series writer and director Miles Luna would later affirm the Season most resembles the Blood Gulch Chronicles.
  • Despite not having its own soundtrack, music from this season was included in the Red vs. Blue: Season 12 Soundtrack.


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