Season 10 OST

The Red vs. Blue: Season 10 Soundtrack contains music from Season 10 of Red vs. Blue. The music is composed by Jeff Williams and features other artists, such as Sandy Lee Casey, Casey Lee Williams, Lamar Hall, and Red Rapper, as well as members from the Red vs. Blue cast. The soundtrack is currently available on iTunes[1] and Google Play.[2]

Track ListingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Fragments Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall, Barbara Laronga, & Casey Williams) 3:34 Party Crasher
2. The More Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall & Sandy Lee Casey) 2:30 Season 10 Red Band Preview Trailer
3. Now That We've Come So Far Jeff Williams (feat. Sandy Lee Casey) 3:14 Don't Say It
4. Terrify! Jeff Williams (feat. Sandy Lee Casey) 2:30 Heavy Metal
5. Terminate Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall) 2:02 Revenants, Don't Say It
6. Worst Lockpicker Ever Jeff Williams 2:19 Revenants
7. Space Battle Jeff Williams, Steve Goldshein 2:25 Heavy Metal
8. Heroic Entrance Jeff Williams 0:44 Follow the Leader
9. C.T. Jeff Williams 1:05 Heavy Metal, Follow the Leader
10. Debris Field Jeff Williams 2:59 Turbulence
11. The Darkness of C.T. Jeff Williams 3:35 Turbulence, Oversight
12. Ouch Jeff Williams 0:53 Fall From Heaven
13. Land of Enemies Jeff Williams 1:48 Fall From Heaven
14. Welcome To Maine Jeff Williams 0:25 Fall From Heaven
15. Mental Meta Metal Jeff Williams 4:26 Fighting Fire
16. Mystery Blue Guy Jeff Williams 0:50 C.T.
17. Pray Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall, Sandy Lee Casey & Red Rapper) 2:24 C.T.
18. Training Room Showdown Jeff Williams 2:54 Three's a Crowd
19. Suit Up/Partners in Crime Jeff Williams 1:06 Change of Plans
20. Message from C.T. Jeff Williams 2:51 Remember Me How I Was
21. Tex vs Tank Jeff Williams (feat. Barbara Laronga) 1:26 Party Crasher
22. Your Catch Jeff Williams 0:20 Party Crasher
23. Twins Jeff Williams 1:01 Party Crasher
24. Ballet Breakup Jeff Williams 1:38 Party Crasher
25. Freelancer Implosion Jeff Williams 2:46 Party Crasher
26. 100 Tex Battle Jeff Williams 1:49 True Colors
27. Finding the Director Jeff Williams 4:25 Don't Say It
28. That's How Voting Works Jeff Williams (feat. Red Team) 2:30 Voting Fever
29. Come On Carolina Jeff Williams (feat. Sean Duggan) 2:51 None
30. Forever Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Williams) 3:41 C.T.
Extra. The More (Clean Version) Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall & Sandy Lee Casey) 2:30 Season 10 Green Band Preview Trailer



  • This is the third Red vs. Blue soundtrack to feature a song containing lyrics in a language other than English. The song Mental Meta Metal reprises the Latin lyrics plagam extremam infligere. The lyrics and their melody originated on the Revelation soundtrack and also appear in the Season 9 soundtrack.
  • Goodbye was a song listed in the Season 10 credits but it was later renamed to Forever.


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