Revelation soundtrack

Music by Jeff Williams.

The Red vs. Blue: Revelation Soundtrack is the soundtrack for Season 8 of Red vs. Blue. It contains all the music from Revelation and its PSAs and was released on November 21, 2010. The music is composed by Jeff Williams and features members of the cast of Red vs. Blue. It is now available on iTunes,[1],[2] and the RT store.[3]

Track listingEdit

# Song Title Artist(s) Running Time Featured In
1. Agent Tex Jeff Williams 4:04 Backup Plans, This One Goes to Eleven
2. Prelude Jeff Williams 0:49 Reunion
3. Boss Battle Jeff Williams 2:23 Reunion
4. Ice Fight Jeff Williams 1:35 Reunion
5. Plagam Extremam Infligere Jeff Williams 1:58 Reunion
6. The Pelican Has Landed Jeff Williams 1:12 Rally Cap, Reunion
7. Rally (Sarge's Speech) Jeff Williams 2:23 Rally Cap, Reckless
8. Red vs. Blue Jeff Williams 3:57 n+1
9. Epilogue Jeff Williams 2:53 n+1Room Zero
10. Forge World Jeff Williams 1:06 There Goes The Neighborhood
11. Your Best Friend Jeff Williams (feat. Joel Heyman) 3:39 The Best Red vs. Blue DVD Ever. Of All Time. (Best Couple Award)
12. I Am the Best Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall) 2:15 For Those of You Just Joining Us (partially)
13. Sarge's Blues Jeff Williams 2:23 None
14. Grifball Jam Jeff Williams 1:32 Grifball
15. Hijo De Puta Triste Jeff Williams 3:27 None
16. Agent Tex (Instrumental) Jeff Williams 4:01 Backup Plans, This One Goes to Eleven
17. Revelation Suite OST Version Jeff Williams 4:10 Reunion
18. Red vs. Blue OST Version Jeff Williams 3:05 Reunion, n+1
19. I Say Ooh Jeff Williams (feat. Sandy Lee Casey) 2:50

Stand Alone, A Mexican Standoff

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Red vs. Blue soundtrack to feature lyrics in a language other than English. The song Plagam Extremam Infligere utilizes the Latin track title as lyrics.


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