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"Yeah, we decided that sounds like too much trouble. So we're just going to shoot you and say the Blues did it."
—Red Mutineer to Grif and Simmons in Reconstruction: Chapter 9

The Red Mutineer is a Red at Outpost 28-B "Rat's Nest" who leads Grif's and Simmons' execution.

Role in Plot[]

The Reds of Rat's Nest become disgruntled at the fact that Grif, the unit's commanding officer, and Simmons betrayed the team by selling their ammunition to the Rat's Nest Blues. When the Red Mutineer and his teammates attempt to execute Grif and Simmons, Sarge unknowingly blocks the fire with his Warthog. Upon hearing the Mutineer insult Grif (then, a sergeant), Sarge accuses the soldier of insubordination and knocks him out twice. After Simmons and Grif then leave with Sarge, the Red Mutineer grows confused with just happened. Upon hearing that the Blues have all been killed, the Mutineer decides to go lie down.

It is unknown if he and his team later joined the Blues and Reds in their campaign against the UNSC during Season 15, along with all other Simulation Troopers, after Project Freelancer was shut down, leaving his status unknown.

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