"Without my big gun, I just look like all the regular soldiers."
—the Red Fed to Simmons and Donut in Capital Assets

This Red Fed is a Federal Army of Chorus Heavy Weapons Specialist and is first seen in Capital Assets where Simmons questions him on why the Fed is holding a turret.

Role in PlotEdit

Going to WarEdit

During his first appearance, the Gunman Fed waits in line at Armonia's armory, where Simmons expresses his confusion on why the Fed holds a turret. After the Fed explains his reasoning Donut suggests he change his armor color scheme.

Later on, the Gunman is the first of the Feds and Rebels to support Kimball after the latter makes a speech to the armies for them to unite against Charon and fight as one. During the battle at the Communication TempleMatthews saves the Gunman Fed from being killed by an Insane pirate, in which the Gunman thanks him for.

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