The Red Army is a faction of simulation troopers that oppose the Blue Army in simulations overseen by Project Freelancer. The most notable members of the Red Army are the Blood Gulch Red Team.


The Red Army operated out of places like Danger Canyon for its basic training and would ship out its soldiers to various outposts across the galaxy, such as planets like Sidewinder and Armada 8. Their main objective, when sent out to these outposts, would be to steal the blue flag and kill members of that outpost's Blue Team.

Known MembersEdit

Basic TrainingEdit

Blood GulchEdit


Battle CreekEdit

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Desert GulchEdit



Red Team
Blood Gulch: Sarge (ε) · Dick Simmons (ε) · Dexter Grif (ε) · Franklin Delano Donut (ε) · Lopez the Heavy (ε)
Desert Gulch: Surge · Gene · Cronut · Lorenzo · Biff · Shelly
FH57: Turf · Morgan · Drag · Sue · Santos · Peake · Cherry
Colorblind: Hutch · Regina · Cobb · Marlowe
Sarge's Elite Team: George · John · Alex
Other: Lopez 2.0 · Red Zealot · Max Gain · Phil · Walter Henderson · Red Mutineer
Burke · Dellario · Tubbs · Hammer · Johnson MacGruff · Hank Daggerknife · Clint Buckshot
Vehicles: M12 LRV · Motorcycle

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