Red vs. Blue Episode
"Reconstruction Trailer"
RvB reconstruction trailer
Episode no. 0
Airdate April 5, 2008
Running time 2:49

Red vs. Blue Reconstruction
April 5, 2008 – October 30, 2008

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The Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction Trailer aired on April 5, 2008 and is considered the 110th overall episode in the series.


Red TeamEdit

  • Several dead soldiers

Blue TeamEdit

  • Sheila (not mentioned by name)
  • Several dead soldiers

Project FreelancerEdit



The trailer for the series portrays two Recovery agents investigating an incident at military Outpost 17-B "Valhalla", which had resulted in the annihilation of the forces stationed there. The agents find a cryptic message in one of the bases that reads "We are the Meta" and are later attacked and killed by an unseen or invisible foe while investigating a crashed ship. Before the second investigator dies he activates his recovery beacon. Over the course of the video a memo is read that addresses the concerns of the Chairman of the Oversight Sub-Committee about Project Freelancer and the incident at the outpost.


Fade in to Outpost 17-B: "Valhalla" - Post-War: Year One. Two grey soldiers crest a hill, one with red highlights and one with blue highlights

Voice: A memo, to the chairman of the Oversight Sub-committee from the Director of Project Freelancer.

As the voice continues, the two soldiers run around the ruined Valhalla outpost, blow up a barricade, enter the red base, and look around at various scenes of carnage as they are described

Director: Dear Chairman, I write today in response to your committee's request for more information about our program and the suspected incident at Outpost 17-B. No doubt by now, you have reviewed the video logs transmitted by our Recovery agents dispatched to the region. I am sure you have seen the empty bases; the barricades constructed by the survivors. The cryptic warning left on the wall. The battles that apparently took place between team members that had turned on one another. And of course... the ship.

Cut to the two soldiers on ATVs at the scene of a downed transport ship, suddenly attacked by an invisible soldier and killed

Director: While we cannot say for certain, I share your concern we have an unfortunate post-project scenario taking place. However, I take exception to your assertion that we were warned this was a possibility.

On a wall in the base is scratched WE ARE THE META, which then transforms on a black screen to a series of greek characters which resolve to RECONSTRUCTION

Director: I would like to remind the Sub-committee members, that anything is possible. Some things are probable. This is, what is. And my agency as it always has, will continue to deal with what is...  ...until it is no more.




Red vs

Red vs. Blue Reconstruction Trailer

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