Name: Ralph
Affiliation(s): Bungie
Status: Non-Canon
First Appearance: D.I.Y.
Armor Color(s): Silver
Occupation(s): Stunt double, Tour guide
Voice Actor(s): Unknown
"I got the job because I look like Mr. Spark."
"That's the lamest thing I've ever heard."
"Yep, and they even let me give tours on the weekends to earn extra money."
"Lamest thing until I just heard that.'"
—Grif in D.I.Y.

Ralph, or Eyeball 3000 by the Reds and Blues, is the supposed representative of Bungie designed to give the Red and Blue teams a tour of the new maps released for Halo 3. He is a Monitor that is identical in every way to Guilty Spark, and is mentioned to be his lighting and stunt double. On arrival the two teams mock the name of "Ralph" and start referring to him as "Eyeball 3000". Eventually, he gives a tour of several maps that will be in Halo 3 to the Reds and Blues.


  • Ralph is the first monitor introduced in the series, although he's not canon.
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