"You made me... hate effort... itself...! You... are the WORST gym teacher...!"
Grif to Prestwood in Omphalos

Coach Prestwood is a minor character first appearing in the Singularity episode, Omphalos. He was Grif's former gym teacher who made Grif undergo excruciatingly difficult obstacle courses, which in turn caused Grif to hate effort.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

Coach Prestwood has only appeared as one of Grif's worst memories while trapped in the Labyrinth. Because of this, Grif's memory of Prestwood combined with the Labyrinth's power of enhancing his negative experiences, may present an exaggerated display of Prestwood himself, not his authentic personality.

Regardless, Prestwood made Grif go through difficult and dangerous obstacles courses during the latter's youth, masking his actions as a unique form of discipline. Prestwood's actions, as a result, traumatized Grif and caused him to hate effort, as it reminds him of the pain he went through while at the mercy of his gym teacher.

During Singularity, when Grif is trapped in the Labyrinth along with the other Reds and Blues (bar Doc and Donut) he relives his worst memories of Prestwood's gym class. Just as Grif is about to be killed by his memory of Prestwood, Donut kills Prestwood and saves Grif from the Labyrinth.

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