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Carolina firing Plasma Rifles.png
"Alright. Me first."
—Carolina upon raising her rifles in True Colors

The Plasma Rifle seemed to be used as a way to insert the voice card in Lopez in A Slightly Crueler Cruller. The Plasma Rifle is occasionally used by some of the Battle Creek Grunts. It was also used as the main weapon for Lopez's Robot Army, used to attack Blue Team under O'Malley's orders in The Storm.

Throughout Season 10, Carolina battles with a pair of Plasma Rifles.

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In Season 12, Felix is seen with one, revealing that the New Republic doesn't actually pay him in money, but in alien technology.

In Season 13, a Plasma Rifle is in the pile of alien weapons Grif teleported back to Armonia, which Donut picks up and claims. Some time later, when Tucker activated all the deactivated alien tech, it rapid fired by itself. In The End is Near and The End several members of the Rebels and the Feds along with characters using this weapon as well including Sarge, Caboose, Smith, Carolina


  • The Plasma Rifles Carolina uses are collapsible for hip-holstering, something the original version from the Halo games cannot do.
  • The first use of the Plasma Rifle was not as a weapon, but as a speech unit for Lopez in the Season 1 episode A Slightly Crueler Cruller.

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