Is it a spider
"Is it a spider? Get it off!"
Donut in Knock, knock. Who's there? Pain.

Plasma Grenades are mainly used only by competent soldiers such as Tex. The plasma grenade is useful for knocking people out, but is rarely lethal.


  • Tex: When Tex first attacks the Red base, she throws a plasma grenade on Donut, but he ends up surviving. She also uses one to attack a Grunt in Out of Mind: Part I.
  • Donut: When Tex attacked again in Season 1, Donut threw a grenade at Tex from a great distance and "killed" her as payback. Donut has since been trusted by the Reds with their grenades due to his skill with them. In True Colors, Donut is shown throwing three plasma grenades at the same time to kill several robotic Tex-drones.
  • Alien: When he first arrived at Zanzibar, the Alien killed Lopez's Robot Army using only plasma grenades frightening Doc/O'Malley.
  • Tucker: Tucker uses this type of grenade at the desert  when he rescues Caboose, Sarge, and Grif from C.T.'s men. He later throws one at Epsilon-Tex in This One Goes to Eleven and at the Meta in n+1.


  • Whenever Donut's hits a target with the plasma grenade from a distance, he counts each hit as "three points".
  • A gag featuring the plasma grenade is mistaking the grenade for a spider. Donut repeatedly asks Grif and Simmons if the grenade Tex throws at him is a spider, and when the first grenade is thrown at the Robot Army, the captioning for the Spanish reads 'Hey! A spid-' before it detonates.

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