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Outpost 48-A
High Ground.png
Name: Outpost 48-A
First Appearance: Reconstruction: Chapter 4
Inhabitants: Church (formerly)
Status: Abandoned
"I've been here fourteen months."
—Church about his stay in 48-A
"What? Over a year, by yourself? Alone?"
"Yeah, it's been um... it's been great, I mean just, just it's been great. Really great."
—Church in Reconstruction: Chapter 4

Outpost 48-A is a Blue Team outpost, which is represented by the Halo 3 map, "High Ground". It was where Church was relocated and since Reconstruction, Outpost 48-A has been left abandoned.

Role in Plot[]

This outpost is the site of Church's relocation after his stay at Blood Gulch. He is the only occupant, and says he had been there by himself for fourteen months. Washington and Caboose travel there to recruit Church in their hunt for the Meta and they leave to go to Valhalla. They return to the area when Agent South and the Meta fight outside the base, fighting off the Meta and saving Delta. South attempted to abandon Delta here to save herself, but is executed by Washington before he and the Blues head to Zanzibar.


  • Since this is called Outpost 48-A, it should have a counterpart known as 48-B, like all other Red vs. Blue training grounds. However, the Halo 3 map High Ground does not have a second base; the second team starts at the bottom of the hill. It can be assumed that 48-B is on a non-playable area of the map in the RvB universe.
  • It's revealed that the reason that Church was stationed here alone was because he's the Alpha, and due to the events in The Blood Gulch Chronicles, Project Freelancer sent him here to keep his location secret once again.
  • It was revealed in Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide that the large hole in the base wall was caused by Freelancer Agent Delaware during an infiltration practice mission in which she also blew herself up.

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