Rat's Nest Blues

The Blues at Rat's Nest.

Outpost 25-A is Blue Team's Rat's Nest outpost. Caboose was relocated here after his service at Blood Gulch. It is one of the many sites of the simulation "Red vs. Blue" war.

Role in PlotEdit


In order to isolate the Alpha, his teammates had to be sent to separate locations. Caboose was sent here, where he was to face the Reds in battle alongside the many Blues stationed here. Upon his arrival however, Caboose was considered too dangerous to be a functioning part of the team after he failed to repair all of the outpost's vehicles due to trying to talk to them and destroying them further. He was then tied up and locked in the brig.

Agent Washington, a freelancer on a mission to defeat the Meta, visited here to recruit Caboose, Lieutenant Miller was unwilling to give up one of his men until being told it was Caboose. Jones was sent to get Caboose, but killed in the process. Caboose left with Washington, and Miller delayed burying Jones until he was done savoring the moment Caboose left. However, it was revealed the Meta had disguised himself as a Blue and had been spying on Caboose and Agent Washington.

Sarge later arrived here on his first stop looking for Grif and Simmons in Rat's Nest. Pleased to see all of the Blues had died, Sarge left for the other side, knowing that's often where Red Base is, "for whatever reason!" Due to all the Blues dying, the Reds have won the battle for Rat's Nest.


Being in a military base in Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is well supplied with weapons and vehicles for taking down the Reds. It appears old and mostly run down, and is part of a run around track that leads to Red Base. There is also a brig in the back, where Caboose is kept for the duration of his stay.

Following Caboose's stationing here, destroyed and damaged vehicles litter the surrounding area, many closed off and on fire.


  • Had Sarge agreed to his relocation orders, he, Grif, and Simmons would have been pitted against Caboose, a situation that eventually ended up occurring in Valhalla.

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