Outpost 1-A
Blue base
Name: Outpost 1-A
First Appearance: The Rookies
Inhabitants: Blood Gulch Blue Team (formerly)
Status: Abandoned
Outpost 1-A: Blood Gulch, also known as Blood Gulch Outpost: Alpha, is the Blue Base located in the Blood Gulch canyon and is one of two primary bases depicted in The Blood Gulch Chronicles. Outpost 1-A is where the Blues traditionally congregate and (pretend to) engage in battle against the Red Team.


The Blue Base has only been referred to as Outpost 1-A by Recovery One, a representative of Command. Blue Team and their conversations with Command know it as Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. The Blues know it as "Outpost: Alpha," which coincidentally or not, is also the name of Church's real identity. Besides being used as the former quarters of Blue Team, this base is unofficially used for throwing raves by Sister after all other members of the Blue team were transferred out, prior to the start of Reconstruction. Eventually, she also began throwing conventions and other events within the canyon after Sarge and Lopez had departed the Red Base.

Sometime after that, Sister had left the canyon to rejoin the Reds and Blues.

Relation to Other BasesEdit

The Red Base depicted in the trailer of Red vs Blue: Reconstruction is called Outpost 17-B. This makes it so that "A" designates a Blue Base and "B" designates a Red Base, since Washington arrives at Blue Base and calls it "1-A."

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