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"All I want is meaningful work while still being myself."
—Ohio to Idaho in The "Mission"

Freelancer Agent Ohio, referred to simply as "Oh" for short, real name Vera, was an agent of the Special Operations program Project Freelancer. Despite being an elite soldier, Ohio was one of the three worst Freelancers, alongside Idaho and Iowa. Known as the Triplets by their peers, Ohio was the de facto leader of the three.

Role in Plot[]

Finding a Purpose[]

During her time at Project Freelancer, Ohio, alongside Iowa and Idaho, was constantly mocked by the other Freelancers for her extremely low rank, with Agents Georgia and South Dakota giving her the most grief. After Washington and C.T. try to cheer them up, Ohio, Idaho, and Iowa attempt to prove themselves during a training session but only further embarrass themselves.

The triplets are later flown to a snowy area on an "assignment", given to them by the Counselor. Unfortunately, Ohio quickly realizes they were most likely dumped there as cannon fodder and breaks down in sadness. Ohio laments her dilemma of wanting to be one of the best Freelancers while at the same time wanting to remain true to herself and believes she can only be one or the other. Idaho, however, cheers her up, reminding her that it's more important to be herself instead of something she's not.

Iowa then informs them of a large fortress nearby. The triplets infiltrate the base and encounter three soldiers of Charon Industries, who were also dumped in the area by their superiors. With the two groups mutually connecting over their organizations mistreating them, they decide to fight each other, with the Triplets, especially Ohio, satisfied that they've finally found a purpose.


In another timeline, Washington time travels to his Freelancer days, hoping to discover where Carolina hid after her supposed death. With no success, this leads him to vent off to the Triplets. Iowa questions why Wash didn't just go to the future, where he and Carolina were friends and thus she could answer his inquiry, leading him to do so and learn what he wanted.


  • As revealed in The "Mission", Ohio is the first confirmed lesbian character in the series.

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