"The final prophecy is unfolding. The Pizza Quest is begun!"
—Muggins speaking to Atlus in The Shisno

Muggins is a Sentient Light Being that is affiliated with the Cosmic Powers, a group of ancient Artificial Intelligences posing as gods to manipulate younger races, including that of Muggins and his sister Huggins. He is a supporting character in The Shisno Paradox that first appears in The Shisno.

Role in PlotEdit

On Earth, Muggins and his accompanying partner Huggins spy on the Reds and Blues by hiding within a Warthog. After the crew fly off in a pair of Pelicans, Muggins orders Huggins to follow the Reds and Blues. Muggins then travels across the galaxy and reports to his superior, Atlus Arcadium Rex.


  • Muggins and his partner Huggins seem to have roles similar to that of Huginn and Muninn, two ravens from Norse mythology, that fly all over the world and bring information to Odin, the King of the Æsir Gods.
    • Both Huggins and Muggins are tasked with observing and reporting key moments and events in the universe and reporting them back to the Gods, specifically to King Atlus. Mirroring the role Huginn and Muninn bring information to Odin.
    • Muggins' name sounds similar to the name Muninn, while Huggins' name sounds similar to the name Huginn.
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