Red vs. Blue Episode
"Moving Out"
PSA Moving out
Episode no. 12.6
Airdate March 14, 2020 (FIRST)
March 15, 2020 (Public)
Running time 6:39

Red vs. Blue Zero
October 19, 2020 - TBD

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  2. TBA
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Moving Out is the sixth PSA to air in-between Seasons 17 and 18. It focuses on moving out of your family home.


Reds and BluesEdit


  • Simmons' Movers


Join Grif and Simmons as they discuss an important step to adulthood: moving out!


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  • When Sarge is talking to the color-coded chairs, one of the chairs is colored pink for Donut, who doesn't appear in this PSA, as a possible reference to his departure at the end of Singularity.
  • Sister selling Grif and Simmons houses with questionable quality is a reference to Unreal Estate where she attempted the same thing although unsuccessfully.


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