"I'm not saying that's the worst idea I've ever heard, but maybe we could do something more strategic."
—Morgan in Invaders from Another Mother

Captain Morgan was a member of the red squad known as FH57. He was one of the smarter members of the group as he preferred to think things over and plan things out as opposed to rushing in. Like his teammate Drag, he is shown to be a bit cynical as well.


Being the second in command of the FH57 Red Team, Morgan acts as his team's reasoning. Morgan is shown to be the most logical and intelligent of his team and often point out the flaws of his C.O.'s plans, very similar to Simmons. Although Morgan makes cynical remarks at times, he's shown to care about his team, as several times he convinces Turf to change his strategy and seeks the least amount of conflict to ensure their survival. When Turf tells Morgan he has helped him realize how to become a better leader, Morgan seems touched and appreciates what others think of him.


  • Morgan's name and rank references the brand of rum with the same name, Captain Morgan, which the rest of the team makes fun of him for during role call.
  • Morgan is shown to have many similarities to Simmons, as:
    • Both are second in command of their respective team.
    • Both are named after famous individuals (the famous Welsh privateer Captain Morgan who the rum is named after; the famous exercise guru, actor, and comedian Richard Simmons)
    • Both become captains.
    • Both are the most logical and intelligent members of their team.

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