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In late 2009, animator Monty Oum was hired by Rooster Teeth Productions after his popular Haloid video caught their attention, with his employment being announced at PAX East 2010. His first work appeared during Recreation, when Epsilon used his laser. He then provided pre-rendered character animation to achieve action scenes or character movements in Red vs. Blue that are unable to be done using just the Halo engine. Season 8 of Red vs. Blue is the first season of the series to make extensive use of animation, and Burnie Burns revealed in an interview that he and Oum were in the process of creating a completely animated series with no machinima elements.[1]

After the release of the Season 10 finale, the first trailer for Monty Oum's series, "RWBY", was released. Monty passed away at the age of 33 on February 1, 2015 due to a severe allergic reaction during a medical procedure.[2] His last contribution to Red vs. Blue was as the voice of a New Republic soldier asking Kimball if Felix had bad intel in Multiple Choice.

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