Epsilon inside Mongoose
Name: Mongoose
Affiliation(s): Varies
Status: Varies
First Appearance: Why Were We Here?
Armor Color(s): Tan
Voice Actor(s): None
"I built a new vehicle from some old Warthog parts we had laying around!"
"It's an ATV! It's awesome!"
—Donut in Why Were We Here?

The Mongoose is a vehicle that first appears in the official ending of the Blood Gulch Chronicles (although never used, as the vehicle was edited in). Although small, the ATV is effectively used for reconnaissance and transportation.

Role in PlotEdit

Carolina on her Mongoose

The Mongoose is first used by Recovery Six, who is killed on it by the Meta in the Reconstruction Trailer. After Church and Caboose join Washington to pursue the Meta, they travel to different locations using Mongooses. In Recreation, Lopez builds two Mongooses for Simmons so that he may go inform the others that Caboose still has the Epsilon Unit, but they're destroyed by the Meta (and Simmons unintentionally).

In Hang Time, Sarge, Grif, and Caboose are chased by two soldiers on a Mongoose during their chase of C.T.. In Season 10, Carolina uses a Mongoose during her travels with Reds and Blues. Epsilon is later inserted into Carolina's Mongoose in an attempt to spy on her.


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