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"Boys, this is a great day. Things are finally changing for us, I can feel it."
—Miller to the Blue squad in Reconstruction: Chapter 3

Lieutenant Miller was the Southern-accented leader of the Blue Team forces at Outpost 28-A "Rat's Nest" where Private Caboose had been transferred to after leaving Blood Gulch.

Role in Plot[]

Miller initially complains to Agent Washington that he can't spare anyone, but when Washington informs him that he needed Caboose, Miller immediately changes his stance and happily agrees to hand Caboose over. He instructs Private Jones, whose name he mispronounces, to fetch Caboose from the brig because Miller was "not taking any more chances" with him. A shot is heard with Caboose coming out to meet Miller and Washington.

Lieutenant Miller.png

When Miller asks Caboose about Jones' whereabouts, Caboose states that after Jones untied Caboose, he had somehow "shot himself in the back" and insists that it was no one's fault. As Washington prepares to leave, Miller takes Caboose aside for a moment. Miller warns Caboose that he might be getting into something dangerous, but he must promise to "Never, ever, come back here." Caboose instead promises to never go backwards, which Miller accepts nonetheless, knowing Caboose's low intelligence. Washington then proceeds to leave with Caboose. One of Miller's men asks if they should bury Jones but Miller says that they should savor the moment first.

Unfortunately, Miller and the other Rat's Nest Blues are killed by the Meta, with Sarge finding their bodies later on.


  • Miller is the first character shown to not use the Mark VI body. Instead, he wears the C.Q.B body piece.
  • Before Season 12, Miller, along with Max Gain, was the second-highest ranking simulation trooper and the second highest ranking Blue soldier seen in the series. The first in both was Captain Flowers.
  • Miller, along with Captain Flowers and Max Gain, is one of the few known commissioned officers of the Red and Blue Teams.
  • Miller appears in the PSA, First!; however, he doesn't have any dialog.
  • Miller shares a voice actor (Ray Murphy) with Coach from the Grifball Mini-Series.
  • Series co-creator and director Burnie Burns compared Miller's voice to that of Transformers character Optimus Prime during the creator commentary of Reconstruction. In the DVD Outtakes feature, Murphy, recorded the characters' trademark phrase "Autobots Transform" in Miller's voice, awed at the similarity afterwards.


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