Miles Luna was a former main writer and director for Rooster Teeth Productions, having served as the Head Writer of the animation division. He began work at the company helping machinimate Season 9 of Red vs. Blue. He later wrote Where There's a Will, There's a Wall and co-wrote Season 10, with his first full episode being "Out of Mind".

Miles went on to be chosen as the new showrunner, writing and directing the Chorus Trilogy, the fourth saga of the series, where he also voiced Felix. He also provided the voice for a Blue Zealot in the special The Best of Red vs. Blue Awards. He has since become a co-writer for RWBY, where he provides the voice for Jaune Arc. He is also the creator of Rooster Teeth's 2D animated web series, Camp Camp, where he voices David, and helped develop fellow 2D show Nomad of Nowhere.

Miles stepped down from the series after contributing to Season 14, being replaced by Joe Nicolosi.[1]

He returned in Season 15, to voice Cronut, and also replaced Shane Newville as the voice of Freckles.

After only being indirectly involved in Season 16 due to being the animation head writer (and sharing a room with Nicolosi), in Red vs. Blue: Singularity Miles helped develop the overall plot alongside the departing Nicolosi and eventual head writer Jason Weight,[2] and wrote a whole episode along with giving help in some others.[3]

Miles left Rooster Teeth in September 2020, in order to focus on freelance work, though will continue to contribute work for the company[4].

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