Private Mickey
Name: Mickey
Affiliation(s): Blue Team
Status: Unknown
First Appearance: A Shadow of His Former Self
Armor Color(s): Blue
Occupation(s): Private
Weapon(s): Assault Rifle
Voice Actor(s): Lance McKee
"Bloody murder! Bloody murder!"
—Mickey's last words in A Shadow of His Former Self

According to a story Church tells Tucker and CaboosePrivate Mickey was one of Church's former squadmates. He only appeared in the episode A Shadow of His Former Self, where he was mentioned by Church during a story about Tex's arrival at Sidewinder. He is voiced by Lance McKee.

Role in PlotEdit

According to Church, Mickey was a Blue soldier stationed at Sidewinder with Church and Private Jimmy. What started off as a normal day soon turned into a nightmare when Tex attacked. Mickey, unfortunately, was the first to die. As he shot at the ground with a shotgun shouting "Bloody murder!", Tex simply killed Mickey with a hit to the back. Soon after, the rest of the Blues, except for Church, were killed.

However, these events were proven to be non-existent as Church believed he was stationed at Sidewinder, when in fact he was given false memories after being implanted into Private Jimmy's head, who's body Church believed was his own.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Mickey actually exists given that Jimmy actually existed but was Church's host body.

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