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"No I know, and my name isn't even Roger...although that is a very cool nickname. I wonder if it fits? Roger shut up! Roger don't put that in your mouth! Roger put that down! Roger will you please be my best friend?"
—Caboose in Familiar Feelings

Epsilon's mental image of Caboose is a main character in Red vs. Blue: Season 9 and the two mini-series MIA and Where There's a Will, There's a Wall. He first appeared briefly at the end of n+1.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

Annoying Church[edit | edit source]

S9 E1.png

Caboose appeared briefly at the end of n+1, running after Tucker to go spy on the Reds' new jeep. In Season 9, Caboose and the Blues realize the Reds making modifications to their jeep. When the Reds begin their assault, Church goes to confront them but ends up getting shot. Unable to help Church, Caboose, and Tucker return to Blue base.

Caboose - S9.png

Later, when Church returns to Blue Base he is greeted by Caboose, who informs him that Command is sending a new soldier, although he does not remember who. Believing the soldier to be Tex, Church attempts to prepare for her arrival, until Tucker takes Caboose and Church to the beach end of the canyon to teach them how to act around women, where he has Caboose act like a lady during role play.

Tex's Arrival[edit | edit source]

Caboose role-playing as a girl with Church.

Afterwards, Church tries to explain to Caboose and Tucker that the world around them, including everyone in it except Church, are fake. However, Caboose and Tucker don't understand, with Caboose thinking that Church is talking about them having lunch with dinosaurs. Suddenly, a grenade is thrown at Blue Team and soon explodes, revealing itself to be a flashbang. Revealed to be the one who threw the grenade, Tex comes down and introduces herself. In order to have her stay, the Blues create a fake story about the death of "Andersmith".

S9 E16..png

After a call with Command, Tex informs them that because the teams are uneven, they must kill a Red. At the hills, Tex shoots Lopez, evening the teams. Caboose is then seen talking to Tex and the two come over to Church and Tucker, where Tex states that she will stay to fix the tank after Caboose pays her $100. As the earthquakes increase, Caboose and Tucker enter the now repaired tank and escape the canyon, while Tex and Church stay behind.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Caboose is exactly the same as his real world counterpart, being loving and wanting Church's friendship. However, it appears he and Tucker have a better relationship.

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