Mercenary Scientist
Mercenary Scientist
Name: Mercenary Scientist
Affiliation(s): Charon Industries
Status: Unknown
First Appearance: Locus of Control
Armor Color(s): Steel
Occupation(s): Scientist
Voice Actor(s): Unknown
"What has your team found?"
"This is... huh well, where do I even begin?"
—the Mercenary Scientist to Locus and Felix in Locus of Control

The Mercenary Scientist is a space pirate first seen in Locus of Control, informing Locus and Felix of a mysterious portal at the Jungle Temple.

Role in PlotEdit

The Mercenary Scientist was tasked in researching information about a stream of energy at the Jungle Temple, when he soon discovered that it was a gateway through which only a true warrior of great strength and mental clarity could pass. After Felix kicks a fellow mercenary into the portal, in order to test it, the latter returns frightened. The scientist proceeds to check the merc's vitals and finds him, while alarmed, completely healthy. This signifies the okay for Locus and Felix to pass through. After a majority of the Space Pirates were killed during the events in Season 13, the scientist's fate is currently unknown.

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