"You touch my baked beans, I put dogshit in your pillow case. Action. Reaction. That's rule number one!"
—McCready to Casio 06 in Prologue

McCready was the acting C.O. at a UNSC supply depot in the middle of a city on Earth. He was tasked with checking on the base's motion sensors when he was killed in a series of explosions caused by the Blues and Reds.

Role in Plot Edit

McCready was first seen giving a new recruit a tour of the base. He was soon interrupted by Vargas and was informed that he was asked to check out some motion sensors that were acting up. He gave Vargas the job to finish the tour with the recruit and left to fix them.

During this, several bombs that were planted by the Blues and Reds were detonated. McCready and the rest of the soldiers stationed there were killed in the explosions.

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