"Truth be told, no one gives a rat’s ass about the people on this ship. Anybody out there really wanted them, they could have them."
—Mayers in Prologue

Captain Mayers was the commanding officer aboard the UNSC Tartarus, first appearing in Prologue.

Role in PlotEdit

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While transporting prisoners aboard the Tartarus, for the UNSC, Mayers and his crew discover a lone Pelican out in space, with the only passenger being Felix. After Felix tells the crew a story he asks about their situation. Mayers tells him about the prisoners they are carrying and jokes that nobody is interested in them, though Felix states that he is. Suspicious, Mayers goes for his pistol, but Felix disarms him and kills his men. After Mayers activates the alarm, Felix kills him and uses his body like a puppet in order to kill his remaining crew.

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