Marlowe was a soldier of a Red Team squadron, first appearing in Grey vs. Gray.

Role in Plot Edit

Marlowe, along with six other soldiers, was locked in a room with the doors only opening if the seven troopers in the room could reach an agreement. After a murder-mystery surrounding the mysterious death of Hutch is, presumably, solved, the Reds and Blues slaughter each other.

Personality Edit

Marlowe seemed to enjoy violence, encouraging his fellow simulation troopers to fight and murder each other, taking great pleasure whenever a conflict arose. It is worth noting that Marlowe is the only one of the five suspects who did not give a motivation for shooting Hutch, implying he only did it out of his desire for violence. When speaking, Marlowe used very formal language, often calling his associates "dear," coming across as respectful despite his violent tendencies.


  • Marlowe has achromatopsia (the inability to see color), coincidentally, just like the other Reds and Blues who appear in Grey vs. Gray.

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