The Marathon logo for the Bungie game series.

The Marathon Trilogy is a science fiction series of first-person shooter computer games from Bungie, originally released for the Macintosh. In Make Your Time, the third game of the Marathon Trilogy, Marathon: Infinity, is used to represent the past.

Red vs. Blue Seasons using Marathon: Infinity[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While it represents the past in the series, the Marathon Trilogy is set in the 28th century, which is in the future compared to the Halo universe.
  • Marathon: Infinity's story is a bit similar to the story of the episode it was used in, where the main character jumps through alternative dimensions and timelines, just like Church.
    • Additionally, Season 17 has Donut jumping through time and space to prevent a godlike being from being unleashed, like just the protagonist of Marathon does in Infinity
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