Tank Reconstruction

M808B Main Battle Tank is the standard tank of the UNSC. Unlike rare 'smart tanks' like the M808V Main Battle Tank, the M808B runs without an A.I..

Role in PlotEdit

During Party Crasher, Tex has a battle against a tank onboard Mother of Invention during her break-in.

Many of these tanks can be seen in Reconstruction: Chapter 1 when a team of soldiers arrive in Valhalla to investigate the deaths caused by Omega and the Meta. In Reconstruction: Chapter 14, Sarge, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose use an M808B MBT to sneak into Command, while the Meta secretly rides on the back.

During Season 11, after the Reds and Blues crash land in an unknown location, the simulation troopers salvage a tank from their crashed ship. Sarge then decides to use the tank to help him remodel the Red team's living quarters. The tank is seen later covered in toilet paper thrown by Grif and seen again when Simmons and Sarge use it when they are attacked by the Federal Army of Chorus. It was destroyed by a sticky grenade shot by Locus in the ensuing battle.

During Season 15, Cronut and Lorenzo pilot a tank to kill the Reds and Blues when they storm the Power Facility. However the tank is destroyed by Tucker.


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