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This article is about the Epsilon created double. You may be looking for the original character or his successor.

"Hola. Me llamo Lopez. Gracias por la activacion de mi. [Hello. My name is Lopez. Thank you for activating me,]"
—Lopez introducing himself in Shaking the Foundation

Epsilon's mental image of Lopez the Heavy is a character featured in Season 9 and the Where There's a Will, There's a Wall mini-series. He is voiced by Burnie Burns. Lopez was one of the few Epsilon-doubles to be practically identical to his counterpart from the start.

Role in Plot[]


Lopez being built.

Lopez was first mentioned in Realignment by Simmons when he told Donut that Sarge wanted his help on building a robot that Command sent them. He is next seen partially built, the legs and head finished, in Familiar Feelings with Simmons and Sarge working on him. Lopez is finally seen completed in Shaking the Foundation, where the Red Team activates him. Upon activation Lopez begins to speak Spanish, in which Sarge reveals that he ordered the Spanish model robot so that the team could grow closer by learning Spanish together. When an earthquake occurs, Lopez becomes alarmed.

Fighting the Planet[]

Lopez investigating activity.png

While Lopez tries to talk about the earthquakes, warn that they are in danger, and ask for tools to further study them, Sarge dismisses these as jokes along with the rest of Red Team. Later on, Lopez is contacted by Simmons to come meet him in the caves, where Simmons plans to electrify Lopez. Lopez becomes aware of Simmons' plan, and causes Simmons to electrocute himself.

Lopez as a head, after being shot.

Lopez then spray paints his armor maroon in order to take Simmons' spot on Red Team so he can observe and study the earthquakes. He leaves Simmons chained up in the cave and begins investigating the earthquakes. Unfortunately, Tex shoots him, causing him to disassemble. Simmons escapes the cave and is later told to clean up Lopez's body parts. However, he is able to make a discovery based on Lopez's equipment and notes, revealing that they will all die as the planet is going through a seismic change.


Lopez dreaming about killing everyone in Blood Gulch.

Lopez's personality was originally very robotic and monotone, as he has only been seen going through his activation speech and alerting everyone of an earthquake. Later on, however, he has become annoyed with Red Team due to their stupidity and inability to understand him. Nearly all of Red Team loves Lopez, except Simmons, who hates Lopez because the latter takes his jobs and becomes more popular than him. Lopez, however, may like Simmons as he saved him from electrocution and interacts with him the most in the series. On the other hand, he may hate both the Reds and Blues due to his view of things they usually do.

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