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Longshore Shipyards
Longshore Shipyards.png
Name: Longshore Shipyards
First Appearance: Oversight
Inhabitants: Insurrection
Status: Abandoned
"Indeed, we are. The enemy base is right below us."
Four Seven Niner
"How far below?"
"Do you really wanna know?"
—Four Seven Niner
"Probably not... Do I wanna know?"
"Seventy-five thousand feet."
—Four Seven Niner
"Uh, that's high."
—Washington in Fall From Heaven

Longshore Shipyards served as the location of the Insurrection's hideout, first seen in Season 10. It serves great significance to the plot, being the location where Project Freelancer attempted to re-obtain C.T.'s armor and the origins of the second "C.T."

Role in Plot[]

The area is first seen in Oversight, as C.T. and the Insurrectionist Leader arrive at the location. During their arrival, Agent Florida and Wyoming are spying on the area. In Fall From Heaven, Project Freelancer commence a surprise attack on Longshore Shipyards. The result was that many Insurrectionist being defeated or killed and Tex severely injuring C.T. However, before dying, C.T. was able to escape the location with her armor and information on Project Freelancer with the Leader. After her death, the Leader takes her identity.


  • The location seems to be based on the Halo 3 map "Longshore".

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