"No! I-it's not a "door" door. It's a DOOOOR. Doors go to places, but, not all doors. ...This would be a special door."
Loco in True Colors

Loco's machine was built for the purpose of drilling through the Earth in order to infiltrate the UNSC headquarters from the bottom. It was built out of various toys and parts and apparently generates power through time travel.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

The machine is located inside the Blues and Reds' underwater base beneath Desert Gulch. Temple initially lied to the Reds and Blues that the machine was a cloaking device. However, suspicious over the machine's primary function, Dylan Andrews attempted to investigate it and was nearly caught by Temple and Loco. Fortunately, she overheard the two discussing the machine, learning that Temple originally wanted Loco to build a bomb. Loco assured him that when the machine was finished, it would be much better than a bomb.

When the Blues and Reds leave to Earth, they take the machine with them. Dylan phones Dr. Johansson, who claimed it was a drill that couldn't possibly function, as it would need all the energy of a star/supernova to function. The Reds and Blues eventually determined that the drill would be used to go straight through the planet's core and destroy the UNSC Headquarters on the other side. However, once the Reds and Blues make it to Earth, Johansson changes his disbelief of the machine ever working and says to her, not believing it himself, that it's a time machine. He adds that not only did it violate major laws of physics, the consequences of said violations would end up destroying the planet with massive amounts of natural disasters and other terrible phenomena.

Dylan informs the Reds and Blues about the machine's true nature, just before it activates for the first time. The crew confronts Temple to shut it off but he refuses and informs them it can't be turned off anyway. After Temple accidentally shoots Loco, the latter reveals that the machine couldn't be deactivated, before dying. Once it goes off, Caboose encounters Church through a door-like portal.

After speaking with Church and saying goodbye, the machine begins to enter the stage where the power would destroy the Earth, and the drill would bore straight through to the UNSC. However, in order to stop it, Dylan Andrews puts V.I.C. into the machine, who dies, but the machine is transported to somewhere else - where and when this location is, giving the machine is a time machine, is unknown. Before vanishing, however, the machine zaps Donut, dissociating him from time and leading into the events of The Shisno Paradox.

It is later revealed in The Shisno Paradox that Chrovos influenced Loco's decision to create a time machine so it would cause a brief tear in time that would allow him to pull Donut to the past and grant him and the other Reds and Blues Time-Portal Guns so they can ruin history and free him from his prison in the process.

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