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Felix using his shield.

"I got my light shield off a dead soldier. ...Shum! ...Wah! Pretty cool."
—Felix using his shield in Ready…Aim…

The Light Shield is a form of Armor Enhancement that allows the user emit a blue colored shield in order to deflect bullets and blasts.

Role in PlotEdit

First appearing in the episode Neighborhood Watch, the light shield is mainly used by Felix. It seems to be Felix's preferred weapon, as he uses it several times in battle, such as in Fire and Hit and Run.

After the Reds and Blues learn the truth of the Space Pirates involvement in the Chorus Civil War, the Blues and Carolina search for the UNSC Crashed Ship's manifest at Crash Site Alpha in Crash Site Crashers. When they are forced to escape when the Space Pirates find them, two Space Pirates use light shields to defend themselves from the group's fire.

During Fed vs. New, Felix demonstrates the ability to utilize the Light Shield as a weapon, clubbing Wash and Carolina with it several times. It appears to do very little damage, only staggering his opponents, suggesting it can be utilized best as a "disabling" weapon rather than a lethal weapon. In Great Destroyers, the light shield was shown to be powerful enough to protect both Felix and Locus from the Tartarus' destruction.

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