"You're crazy! You're all fucking crazy!"
—Lemons to Sarge in Fifty Shades of Red

Special Officer Lemons was a member of Project Freelancer who assisted Agent Florida in the expansion of the Red Army to Blood Gulch. He hosted the try-outs that determined whom would be running the Red Base at Blood Gulch outpost.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

Lemons starts off the competition with a short introduction about himself and the try-outs, explaining how this is not the standard training course, and how it will result in one of the candidates being promoted to sergeant. After encouraging the candidates to introduce themselves, he stops them after Sarge's unusual introduction. He sets the group up with their first mission; to defuse an IED which has been attached to a Warthog.

Buckshot is chosen to disarm the device, while Sarge volunteers to guide him through it. After puzzling Lemons with his antics, Sarge gets his hands on a flamethrower and burns the defusal manual, resulting in Buckshot's death and eliminating him from the competition. This greatly frustrates Lemons but he presses on with the selection process.

After leaving the group of possible sergeants with a load of rubber bullets, he comes back to the sight of several corpses and Sarge & Daggerknife chatting. Lemons freaks out, questioning how it could possibly have happened, before finally labeling both applicants as completely insane. With Lemons giving neither of the remaining two troopers the promotion, they take it upon themselves to determine the winner. Through manipulation, intentional or not, Sarge gets Daggerknife to shoot himself in the head.

After granting himself the promotion through the process of elimination, Sarge gets the idea that Lemons is not really a red, but is rather a blue; the final test sent from Red Command. A pleading Lemons radios Agent Florida, begging for help while also begging Sarge for mercy as he somehow gets his hands on a shotgun. Agent Florida is seen looking on as the sound of a shotgun goes off in the distance and Lemons ceases talking.

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