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—Tucker in Familiar Surroundings

Captain Lavernius Tucker is a main character in Red vs. Blue and is voiced by Jason Saldaña. He is portrayed as the self-proclaimed ladies man of the Blue Team, although this trait is increasingly diminished with each subsequent season. He is a main character in most seasons, although he only makes a vocal appearance in Reconstruction and a cameo in Zero. He is the deuteragonist of Season 11 and the main protagonist of Season 12.


Tucker draws sword S12.png

Prior to Recreation, Tucker's personality was shown to be immature and sarcastic, and highlighted his obsession for women as well as making sexual jokes at any opportunity. Although he was the highest-ranking army official on his team, he allowed others to take command, such as Church. Later in the series he found the Great Weapon, which led him to become impregnated by an Alien, giving him a son named Junior. After his return in Recreation, he is shown to be (somewhat) more mature and skilled, due to the fact that an alien race chose him to be their hero. As the series progresses, Tucker's sense of responsibility and skill continue to grow, specifically after being forced into a leadership role due to being caught up in a civil war on the planet Chorus.

Role in Plot[]


Tucker, Church, and Butch Flowers in Blood Gulch

After being told women like a man in uniform, Tucker enlists into the UNSC as a pretended licensed military physician named Dr. Cloitus. He was later transferred to Project Freelancer after being caught (as well as multiple reports of sexual harassment claims made against him) and was chosen as a candidate to be a part of the Blood Gulch Blue Team. He undergoes an interview conducted by Captain Butch Flowers and answers a series of questions. Based on his responses, Tucker is successfully chosen to be a member of the Blue Team, though Tucker was completely unaware of what the interview was for. Weeks later, Tucker is deployed at Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha, alongside his teammate Church and his C.O. Flowers. One day, Tucker and Church find Flowers dead, in which Tucker decides to take Flowers' armor for himself.

Misadventures in Blood Gulch[]

"It's very lonely out here."

Tucker is first seen with Church spying on the Reds, where the two discover the team's new Warthog. When a rookie named Caboose arrives at Blue base, Tucker and Church order him to wait for the "general", but this action results in Donut stealing the Blue Flag. Tucker and Church, as a result, go after him, with Tucker using the teleporter. When he exits through the other end, however, his armor becomes covered with black material. Because he thinks Donut is initially Sarge because of his red armor color, and Donut calls himself 'Private,' Tucker thinks that he has been sent back in time, but Church corrects him. Grif and Simmons then come to Donut's aid with the warthog and trap Church and Tucker behind a large rock.

Tucker with Church after his death

Caboose manages to fend off the Reds in Sheila, and accidentally kills Church in the process. Tucker later calls Vic for back-up, and the latter agrees to send Freelancer Tex. Church returns as a "ghost" and warns Tucker not to let Tex get involved. Tucker does not heed Church's warning, and later becomes very frightened by Tex. When she is captured by the Reds, he and Caboose act as a diversion, while Church, as a ghost, rescues Tex. Afterwards, Tex attacks the Reds but is "killed" by Donut, so Tucker decides that he and Caboose return to base, in which Caboose refers to himself as O'Malley.

Tucker with Doc

A few months later, Tucker and Caboose help Church fit into his new body. A medic, named Frank DuFresne, soon arrives at Blue base and checks on the team's status. Suddenly, the Blues and Doc are ambushed by the Reds, which results in the two teams making an exchange: the Blues give up Doc as a hostage, and the Reds embarrass Grif. After the ambush, Tucker spots a switch on Church's body and reluctantly flips it, but the action causes Church's body to beep. Caboose and Tucker manage to stop Church's beeping but inadvertently shut down his leg motors. Caboose suggests that Church leaves his body so Lopez can fix the leg motors as well as Sheila. Tucker and Church agree and Church leaves Lopez, but the latter escapes.

Tucker, Lopez, and Sheila attack Red Base

As Tucker and Caboose run after Lopez, Lopez is attacked by the Reds, causing the former the blow up their warthog in order to save himself. Lopez, feeling betrayed, helps the Blues fix Sheila but he is then possessed by Tex. Tex makes a plan with the Blues to kill O'Malley and Tucker is left with the responsibility to get the Reds to shut off their radios. Tucker successfully does so, with the help of Sheila and Lopez, but O'Malley infects Doc. After Sheila and Lopez defect themselves from both teams, due to poor treatment, Tucker and Caboose capture Donut and use him to make a deal with the Reds.

Finding the Great Weapon[]

Tucker talks with Tex and Donut before going through the teleporter at Red Base

During the deal, in Episode 38, Tucker discovers that Red and Blue teams are controlled by the same Command when he accidentally overhears a conversation between Sarge and Vic. Before he could divulge the information, Tucker is blasted and injured, while O'Malley, now possessing Doc, kidnaps Lopez. After O'Malley takes Lopez through a teleporter, Tucker remains behind unconscious while the rest of the Reds and Blues go into the teleporter to follow the enemy. Tucker wakes up later and goes through the teleporter with Tex and Donut.

Tucker, after his armor is blackened by the teleporter

When the Reds and Blues arrive at Sidewinder, Tucker inexplicably exits the teleporter covered in black stuff, which would save his life later when Freelancer Wyoming doesn't recognize him as his target. When the Reds and Blues confront O'Malley, Church's bomb is activated. Tucker attempts to destroy Church's robot body to save the others, but Wyoming snipes the launcher out of Tucker's hands. The bomb detonates and sends everyone but Church supposedly into the future. Later on, Tex regroups with the others and plans a raid on O'Malley's fortress. During the raid, Tucker discovers a sword and quickly uses it to dispatch the Red Zealot.

Tucker with Donut

He takes a liking to the weapon and refuses to let anyone else use it. Afterwards, O'Malley makes a second attack with his extremely slow robot army. Tex knocks Tucker out and steals his sword, but is unable to use it. Tucker wakes up later by Church and finds the army of robots eliminated. When realizing that Tex didn't destroy the army, the Blues soon discover that an Alien was responsible. The alien informs them that only the first person who discovered the sword can activate it. So as a result, Tucker is forced to unwillingly join a quest as the sword is now joined to him. It is later revealed that the sword is actually a key to a hidden spaceship hangar. However, after the Alien enters the ship it is destroyed by Wyoming.


Tucker, Caboose, Andy, and the Alien set off on a quest

After returning from the quest, Tucker falls ill for unknown reasons. While Church hypothesizes that it might have come from the sword, Andy, the Blue Team's sentient bomb, suggests poor personal hygiene. Regardless, the Blues call and have Doc perform a diagnosis on Tucker, in which the former comes to the conclusion that shocks the Blue Team: Tucker is pregnant. Andy later confirms that the Alien impregnated Tucker with a parasitic embryo. Near the end of Episode 77, Tucker gives birth to a baby alien creature and quickly falls comatose. When Tucker recovers, he is introduced to his son, whom he takes a disliking towards.

Tucker with is his son, Junior, after giving birth

From then on however, Tucker shows a little more compassion for him, naming it "Junior" and even defending him when Church insults him. He then aids Tex and Church in infiltrating the Red Base, but the three are cornered by Wyoming and his A.I. Gamma. Because Tucker became unaffected by Wyoming's Armor Enhancement of Time Distortion thanks to the former's sword, he is able to predict and counter all of Wyoming's movements and save his teammates. Afterwards, the Blues, and a sudden help from the Reds, manage to eliminate all of the Wyoming clones. However, Tex betrays them, knocks Tucker unconscious and steals his sword and Junior. After Tex and O'Malley escape with Junior, Gamma and a Green Alien in Sheila, Tucker and the rest of the Blues return to base.

Fighting the Dig Team[]

Tucker's return in Recreation.

After the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, Tucker, along with most of the Reds and Blues, was relocated. During Reconstruction: Chapter 17, Grif discovers a distress signal from Tucker, and the latter tells him to deliver the message that they "Found what [they] were looking for, and it's under the sand". In Recreation, Donut tells Caboose that he found a distress signal from Tucker, saying to receive help immediately. Tucker finally reappears in Well Hello, where he provides cover against the false excavation team to help Caboose, Sarge, and Grif.

Tucker rejoins the Reds and Blues

He closes the temple door and explains the situation to Sarge, Grif, and Caboose. Tucker explains that both him and Junior, who also somehow survived the explosion, go around acting as ambassadors between humans and aliens whenever they find ancient technology. They came to the desert because of the energy source, but "C.T." appeared and killed the original dig team. He then tells the Reds and Caboose that they must destroy the weapon before C.T. and his men get to it, but Caboose activates the weapon and installs Epsilon. C.T. and his men soon break into the temple and C.T. steals Epsilon.

Tucker fights C.T.

The Aliens then turn on the humans, believing Epsilon to be a god, and follow C.T., prompting the Reds and Blues to do so as well. The group find C.T. and start chasing him. Tucker flies over a hill in his Chopper and slashes C.T.'s jeep with his sword, causing it to explode. When C.T. flees Tucker goes after him, but the latter ambushes him from behind. Tucker asks who C.T. is working for, but C.T. doesn't reveal a thing. Just then, Epsilon flies up and kills C.T. with his laser. Afterwards, Epsilon begins having memory flashes and journeys to a facility with Caboose for answers, prompting the Reds and Tucker to follow.

Learning the Truth[]

Tex attacks Tucker

Arriving at the Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility Tucker and the Reds fight against a recently revived Epsilon-Tex, but are defeated. Caboose then has F.I.L.S.S. deploy the soldiers with armor lock, but Epsilon quickly releases everyone. Epsilon soon leaves with Tex to a secret facility, while Tucker and Caboose stay behind. Later, when Caboose asks Sarge to help him rescue Epsilon and Tex after Epsilon's recovery beacon activates, Sarge makes a speech regarding each soldier's admirable qualities and admits that Tucker is a good soldier. This prompts everyone to go rescue Epsilon and Tex.

Tucker fights off the Meta

The group arrive at the facility on board a damaged pelican. After it crash lands, the teams regroup. Wash orders Tucker and Caboose to search inside the base for tools while the Reds are ordered to find anything that has power. Suddenly, the Meta attacks Wash and Epsilon, so Tucker and the Reds engage him in battle. Tucker manages to briefly fight the Meta off, but is knocked down. Fortunately, the Reds eventually kill the Meta by dragging him down a cliff with a Warthog.

Tucker with Agent Washington and Caboose after killing the Meta

Meanwhile, with Tex trapped inside the storage unit, Epsilon follows her inside before it shuts down. Afterwards, the Reds and Blues are interrogated by UNSC Police, where Wash is revealed to have joined the Blue Team after the group help him fake his death. When Wash asks why they are helping him, Caboose says that Wash helped them before and that they're just repaying past favors while Tucker says it's because they're one man short on their team. Nonetheless, Wash thanks them for their help.

Conflict with Carolina[]

Epsilon stored inside Tucker.

Some time later, Tucker goes on a mission to rescue Epsilon from the UNSC Archives with the other Reds and Blues, along with Carolina. After the group successfully rescue Epsilon they leave the archives and make a pit stop at Zanzibar, where Epsilon is placed inside Tucker's A.I. slot. The two then spy on Wash's conversation with Carolina inside the facility, until Tucker blows their cover. Carolina threatens them to leave as a result. Afterwards, the group arrive back at the desert to find C.T., where the Reds and Blues discuss their concerns about Carolina.

Carolina threatens Tucker and Caboose

In order to find out her true motives, the group installs Epsilon into Carolina's Mongoose. Carolina soon calls Tucker over to discuss the location of an artifact, which Tucker recognizes as Epsilon's former monitor. After Tucker explains that the monitor is at the Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility, Carolina decides to depart to an island, unknowingly taking Epsilon with her. When she returns, she tells the group that they are heading to Outpost 17-B. Upon arriving at Valhalla, Tucker angrily confronts Epsilon about his unusual relationship with Carolina. Epsilon tells him that she is more complicated than they thought and he needs to stay close to her in order to find out information.

Tucker leaves Epsilon and Carolina after Epsilon blows up at the Reds and Blues

When Carolina decides to leave Tucker and Caboose speak with Epsilon again, infuriated at the fact that he has gathered no information. Epsilon tells them to back off and finally decides to have a word with Carolina alone. After talking to her, Carolina and Epsilon gather everyone in the Reds' holographic chamber, where the final plan to kill the Director is discussed. However, the group refuses to help them on their mission, due to their attitudes towards them. When Carolina threatens Tucker after he refuses to follow her orders, Wash stops her by holding her at gunpoint. With the team divided, Epsilon becomes furious and blames the crew for causing all of his problems in the past. Disgusted and hurt, Tucker, followed by the others, walks out on Carolina and Epsilon.

Rescue Mission[]

Tucker, Washington, and Sarge at Red Base.

As the Reds and Blues continue their shenanigans, Doc reminds them on how much they have changed since they first met. Following Doc's speech, the Reds and Blues decide to go help Epsilon and Carolina, Tucker being the first to take action, but Wash reminds them that the mission will be dangerous. Sarge, however, tells Washington that despite their troubles with Freelancers, the Reds and Blues have always managed to overcome them because of their trust in each other. Wash, as a result, agrees to help. Suddenly, a trio of UNSC Police Hornets surround the group and attempt to arrest them, but the Reds and Blues steal the Hornets and fly off to help Carolina and Epsilon.

Tucker prepares to fight with the Reds and Blues

The group finds them being attacked by an army of robotic Tex drones and quickly come to the rescue. The group soon then go into battle against the army, but become overwhelmed. Epsilon successfully manages to shut down the drones and then tells the group that he and Carolina must complete the next task alone. After Carolina and Epsilon confront the Director, they decide to relocate the Reds and Blues to a place where they can call home. However, on their way back, the Reds and Blues crash land a pardoned ship in an unknown location and settle at their new makeshift bases as a result.

Shipwrecked on Chorus[]

Tucker and Washington on Chorus

Soon afterwards, Caboose and Tucker allow Sarge to use the Blue Team's tank on Red base, angering Wash. After he regains it, Wash scolds Tucker for his insubordinance and makes him perform rigorous exercises as a result. Afterwards, Tucker assists Wash in repairing the comm tower and questions why they haven't been found yet, explaining that the ship's GPS would have informed command about their crash. After their repairs, Wash and Tucker attempt to activate the radio, but fail. When the Reds arrive to help, Lopez 2.0 completes the comm tower's repairs, allowing the group get in contact with Donut, who agrees to rescue them.

Tucker, Washington, Simmons, and Freckles at Crash Site Bravo

Afterwards, Caboose arrives and introduces his "pet" Freckles, frightening the group. After Wash orders Tucker and Caboose to continue training, Tucker spots Grif and Simmons spying on them, where Simmons joins the Blue Team in order to experience Wash's methods. When Wash questions Tucker on this, the latter, fed up with being blamed all the time, argues with Wash, resulting in Caboose mistakenly taking the leadership position of Blue Team. Suddenly, the Reds attack in an attempt to rescue Simmons, but Freckles destroys their Warthog. As things heat up, Donut finally arrives with Doc and Lopez and informs everyone that they were dropped off. Realizing that Donut allowed the pilot to leave, the group attacks him.

Washington has a pep talk with Tucker

With Caboose now the mistaken leader, Tucker is ordered to repair the comm tower but fails to do so. When Wash approaches Tucker hitting the radio he tries to give him advice. Tucker, however, angrily expresses his frustration with Wash and his methods, wishing that he could simply talk with Church again. Wash then confesses that he was one of the worst Freelancers in his squad and explains that he never led a team before until now. He then encourages Tucker to apply effort into things. After Wash apologizes to Caboose and re-obtains his position as Captain, the Blues are attacked by white armored soldiers. Tucker manages to kill one soldier before the rest are eliminated.

Battle at Crash Site Bravo[]

Felix prepares the Reds and Blues for battle

As the Reds and Blues regroup, Felix and Locus appear before them, where Locus tells the group to come with him, but they refuse and attack Locus. When the latter escapes, the group interrogate Felix, who tells them that they are considered to be the greatest soldiers in the galaxy and adds that they have crash landed on the planet Chorus, whose society is currently undergoing a civil war. Felix asks for the group's help but they decline, only wanting to leave the planet. Nonetheless, the Reds and Blues help Felix prepare for an attack.

Tucker helps fight off the Federal invasion force

After the fortifications are complete, Locus and the Federal Army attack, forcing the teams to engage them. During the battle, Wash and Simmons become unable to restore power to Freckles, so Tucker charges towards Red base and successfully deactivates the base computer, restoring the power. Tucker is then held at gunpoint, but Lopez, now with his successor's body, rescues him and the two return to the battle. However, Wash, Sarge, Donut, and Lopez become incapacitated, forcing Tucker, Caboose, Grif, and Simmons to retreat with Felix into a tunnel. Noticing that Wash has recovered, Tucker cries out to him, but the latter orders Freckles to "Shake!", which causes the tunnel roof to collapse and seal off, deeply concerning Tucker.

Tucker, Simmons, Griff, and Caboose become members of the New Republic

After the battle, Tucker awakens from a tremor to the head at the New Republic Headquarters and becomes horrified at the fact that his friends didn't make it back. After rejoining Grif, Caboose, and Simmons at the mess hall, the four are informed of Wash, Sarge, and Donut's capture. The New Republic leader, Vanessa Kimball, persuades them to stay and fight in order to rescue them and end the war in the process, but the group expresses their doubts. Kimball then explains that her troops need a sign of hope and pleads for the four to try and lead them, reminding Tucker of what Wash taught him. As a result, the four have the New Republic soldiers perform drills, taking on leadership positions for the first time.

Joining the New Republic[]

Tucker leads Green Squadron into battle

Several weeks later, Tucker, his "green" squad, and Felix infiltrate a Federal Army outpost, where Tucker manages to obtain secret information on the captured Reds and Blues. Cunningham, a rebel of Tucker's squad, finds him and warns him that they must leave. However, Cunningham is quickly killed by Locus and the New Republic squad is found out, forcing Tucker, Felix, and Palomo to abort the mission. Back at the New Republic Headquarters, Felix informs Grif, Simmons, and Caboose about how Tucker recovered valuable Federal Army information, despite having gotten two men killed, and praises Tucker for taking the risk; although Tucker feels empathetic about it.

Tucker runs for Team Captain

Kimball then informs the Reds and Blues of the location of their friends, based on the information Tucker received and states that if the four can assemble an elite team in five days, she'll allow them to rescue their friends. Unable to get help from Felix, Tucker and the others recruit Palomo, Jensen, Smith, and Bitters, who each unanimously chooses Tucker as their leader for the mission. As the group begins training, Simmons and Jensen install capture software onto everyone's helmets in order to record their sessions. However, despite their rigorous efforts, the squad is laughed at by both the recruits and other Republic soldiers for their constant mess-ups.

Tucker talks with Kimball

Embarrassed, Tucker blames Felix for being so hard on them during the training sessions and the two argue. Kimball interrupts them and privately talks to Tucker, explaining more about Felix's history with the New Republic and rivalry with Locus. Afterward, Tucker gathers Simmons, Caboose, and Grif and persuades them into leaving without the recruits, explaining that they should "wing" the rescue mission themselves. The four agree and depart before leaving an apology message to the rebels. The four soon arrive at a deserted fueling station and discover four steel-armored soldiers speaking to Locus regarding their captured friends.

Tucker, along with Griff, Simmons, and Caboose infiltrate a Federal outpost

After the soldiers vanish, the four eventually arrive and infiltrate F.A.C. Outpost 37, where they unexpectedly run into their friends. They tell each other the truth behind why the rebels and Feds are fighting each other and devise a plan to end the war between the two factions. Suddenly, the compound is attacked by Locus and a group of mercenaries, who force the Reds and Blues to stand down. As Locus prepares to kill them, Felix arrives and betrays the group, revealing that he and Locus used them as a means to cause further conflict in the Chorus Civil War, all due to their superior wanting the planet free of its inhabitants. Fortunately, Carolina emerges from hiding, disguised as a mercenary, and uses a Teleportation Cube to escape with the group.

Battling the Space Pirates[]

Tucker speaks with Washington and Epsilon

Arriving at a secret Forest Base, Carolina, along with Epsilon, explains that their ship was purposely crashed on Chorus by the Space Pirates, who are mass-producing advanced versions of the ship's Freelancer equipment. Tucker suggests they warn the Chorus armies about their discovery but Epsilon tells him that Control will be preventing them from doing so. So, the Reds and Blues analyze Grif's Suppressor and discover a connection between it and the Teleportation Grenades. In order to find out who supplied the grenades, Carolina and the Blues search the other half of the ship at Crash Site Alpha, while the Reds search the ship's manifest at Crash Site Bravo.

Tucker, Wash, Caboose, Carolina, and Epsilon at Crash Site Alpha

At Alpha, the Blues and Carolina obtain data from the ship but are attacked by Space Pirates. As the pirates close in on them, Tucker removes the drive containing the data, abruptly ending the transfer and forcing the group to teleport away. When Epsilon blames Tucker for his actions, Caboose is nearly killed by a pirate who teleported back with them, but is rescued by Carolina. Troubled by his actions, Tucker seeks advice from Wash on leadership, in which the latter explains that he must learn from his mistakes and trust his instincts. After Carolina and Wash interrogate the mercenary, the group are attacked by more space pirates, forcing Wash to teleport them away to the fueling station.

Epsilon apologizes to Tucker

While there, Epsilon and Tucker engage in a heated argument, prompting Caboose to step in. Caboose tells Tucker to put aside his anger and resolve his issues with Epsilon, which Tucker does. After the two reconcile, Felix and Locus contact the crew and offer them a chance to leave Chorus. Distrustful of the two, the Reds and Blues execute a sneak attack, formulated by Tucker, on the mercs at Radio Jammer Station 1C. There, Tucker confronts Felix, who monologues over the Pirates' actions and later stabs Tucker. Fortunately, Tucker, with Epsilon's help, reveals to Felix that he has been recording the entire monologue via his helmet cam, leaving Felix speechless.

Tucker distracts Felix

After the Reds and Blues disable the radio jammer, Epsilon sends Felix's recorded words to the Feds and Rebels at Armonia, who finally learn the secret behind the Pirates' involvement in the war. Because of this, Felix and Locus teleport away. After the Chorus armies form a truce, they pick up the Reds and Blues from the radio jammer station and thank them for their efforts, with Tucker being treated for his injury. Regrouping at the New Republic HQ, Tucker, Grif, Simmons and Caboose reunite with their recruits and thank them for picking them up. After Epsilon processes the manifest, the crew learn the true identity of Control: Chairman Malcom Hargrove. When the Chairman declares war on Chorus, the Reds and Blues, Federal Army, and the New Republic accept.

Going to War[]

"We. Kicked. Your. Ass. Bitch!"

A month later, Tucker assists Chorus' armies in seizing a Charon facility, alongside Sarge, Carolina and Epsilon. After the four discover an alien temple nearby they get help from Dr. Grey to learn more about it. Grey decides to study the temple alongside Tucker, Sarge, and Caboose, but Tucker accidentally activates it with his sword, causing all of Charon's hybrid weapons to explode. When the temple reveals a map detailing coordinates, the group relay the information to the others at Armonia and devise a plan to attack the mercs at Crash Site Alpha while they're at a disadvantage. Kimball will lead the assault alongside Wash, the Reds and Chorus armies while Carolina, Grey, and the Blues follow the map's coordinates.

Tucker and Blue Team arrive at the Temple of Arms

Upon arriving at their destination, the group find a portal and learn that only a true warrior of mental clarity and great strength can be accepted through. After Tucker and Carolina fail to meet these instructions Caboose is sent through the portal and manages to pass the test, befriending an alien A.I. he names Santa. Santa informs them of the Temple of Communication, which will allow them to contact with Earth without the disruption of the radio jammers. He also mentions the planet's Purge and the location of another key that can activate it. Just then the group is ambushed by Sharkface and his band space pirates, forcing Carolina to protect them with her Domed Energy Shield. After Sharkface leaves to get the key, Grey has Freckles kill the remaining pirates.

The Reds and Blues in battle

The group then learn that Doyle flew to the east mountains and obtained the key himself, prompting them to go after him. Upon arriving at the mountains, they encounter Sharkface, who persuades Carolina into chasing him. When Tucker, Caboose, and Grey are forced to take cover inside a cave they unexpectedly find Doc inside, who quickly tackles Tucker when the latter admits that he never knew he was gone. After the four are spotted by two space pirates, Donut and Lopez rescue them and join Tucker and Caboose in finding Doyle. However, they discover that Doyle has lost the key to Felix, who escapes with Locus in a Falcon. Fortunately, Tucker explains to Doyle that the key won't activate for them unless he is killed.

Tucker with Doc and Caboose in Armonia

After both the assault and away team return to Armonia, with few causalities and a "rescued" Doc, the Reds and Blues witness an argument between Kimball and Doyle. After the leaders storm off, the crew ask Doc to help them hold a counseling session for the generals, in order to improve their relationship. Initially, there is little cooperation and mostly arguing, however, Doyle ends up complimenting Kimball and expressing a desire to work together, much to the crew's relief. Unfortunately, the session is abruptly cut off when the Space Pirates attack the city.

Charon's Final Assault[]

Tucker and Sarge prepare to defend General Doyle from the Space Pirates

In order to survive the assault, Epsilon suggests eradicating the pirates by overloading the nuclear reactor in the center of the city, with Wash, Carolina, and Kimball being sent to overload it. Meanwhile, Doyle and the other Reds and Blues head towards the Armory to escape on a Pelican, but quickly discover that Lopez is stuck in the ship. While the others prevent pirates from entering the armory, Simmons removes Lopez from the engine, allowing the crew to escape. Doyle, however, decides to remain in Armonia and incites the Pirates into chasing him.

Tucker, with the Reds and Blues

After Tucker informs Wash and Kimball of Doyle's actions he, Caboose, and Doc are dropped off in a safe area by the Reds, who then head back to the city and pick up Wash, Kimball, Epsilon, and Carolina. Doyle then ignites the city's reactor in an act of self-sacrifice, killing a majority of the space pirates and destroying the city. The crew then regroup at Crash Site Bravo with the armies, who mourn the loss of Doyle. As the crew formulates a counterattack plan to stop Felix and Locus, Kimball delivers a speech to the Chorus armies that motivates them to fight as one.

Tucker duels Felix at the Communication Temple

After the crew attain alien artillery from the Temple of Arms, they assist the Feds and Rebels in attacking the pirates at the Comm Temple. Wash and Carolina, having destroyed the Purge, soon join them, until the pirates retaliate with several Mantis. Because of this, Tucker takes Epsilon and enters the temple's control room with the other Reds and Blues, until they're confronted by Felix and Locus. Surprisingly, Locus betrays Felix and refuses to attack the crew, prompting Felix to attack them. Luckily, Tucker and the crew manage to kill Felix, with Locus gaining control of Felix's discarded sword. Locus then activates the temple for the crew and disappears, allowing them to broadcast their message across the galaxy.

Tucker in the Meta's armor

After revealing Hargrove's crimes, the Chairman himself flies to Chorus and releases numerous Mantis droids around the temple to kill the remaining inhabitants. As a result, the Reds and Blues infiltrate the Staff of Charon in order to shut down the robots and manage to succeed with F.I.L.S.S.'s help. Unfortunately, they end up trapped inside Hargrove's trophy room when his forces attack them. As Hargrove's forces breach their way into the room, the crew prepare themselves for the impending attack, with Tucker donning the Meta's modified suit to fight. However, what the crew doesn't know is that Epsilon deconstructed himself from his memories of the other fragments in order to help them, resulting in his death.



Following the end of the war on Chorus, Tucker abandons the Meta armor and activates the Temple of Procreation, having sex with multiple women. The Reds and Blues then go into exile on a remote moon, though they fail miserably, resorting to undergo random shenanigans. Ten months later, IDA reporter Dylan Andrews and her cameraman Jax Jonez find the crew and relay a distress message of Church. Tucker quickly springs into action but Wash and Carolina tell him to calm down as they must track the message's source. The Reds and Blues, bar Grif, decide to track the message's source, leading them to an abandoned city, where they find another strange relay.

Spencer gives Tucker a lawsuit form regarding child support payments

After Dylan traces the relay's signal to a place called Armada 8, the group is confronted by a process server named Spencer Porkensenson, who hands Tucker child support documents, upsetting the latter. The crew then arrive at Armada 8, a canyon looking strikingly similar to Blood Gulch, and meet the Blues and Reds. Their leader, Temple, explains that they were also Simulation Troopers for Project Freelancer and perform terrorist attacks on the UNSC in response to them killing off all Freelancer personnel. They add that Church is in the UNSC's custody as well. After fighting off UNSC aircraft together, the two groups take refuge in the Blues and Reds' underwater base where the Reds and Blues find Doc working with their counterparts.

The Reds and Blues meet the Blues and Reds

Temple then brings Tucker into his office and tells him to watch out for Dylan, as she didn't tell him about Spencer. Agreeing with him, Tucker grows distrustful of Dylan and openly lashes out at her. Upon regrouping with Wash and Carolina, the two groups return to the underwater base, where Dylan informs Tucker of the Blues and Reds' secrecy involving Loco's Machine. While Tucker is skeptical of Dylan, he tells her to check Temple's office for information. Soon after, the crew realize that Wash, Carolina, Dylan, and Jax have gone missing and confront the Blues and Reds about it, but learn of their sinister motives. Sarge and Doc, unfortunately, side with the Blues and Reds and help imprison the crew, with Buckey taking Tucker's sword. The group, however, fire Lopez into space in order for him to find help.

Rescue of Earth[]

Tucker fights against the Blues and Reds

This results in Grif getting imprisoned with them after failing an attempt at a rescue. Temple then reveals that Church's "distress" message was actually an edited recording of Church calling Command at Blood Gulch and proceeds to explain to Caboose that Church is dead forever, angering Tucker. After Temple and the Blues and Reds leave for Earth, Sarge and Locus free the crew and reunite them with their missing friends. Wanting to pursue the Blues and Reds, Tucker forces the crew into a firefight with enemy Zealots, resulting in Wash getting injured. After Locus flies Wash to a hospital, Tucker is left depressed for his mistake. However, after a pep talk from Grif, Tucker motivates the others in an attack on the Blues and Reds on Earth.

Tucker apprehends Temple.

After eliminating several enemy sim troopers, the crew infiltrates the Blues and Reds' lair, where Loco activates his machine. As the crew makes their way to Temple, Tucker quickly battles Buckey and regains his sword. Upon confronting Temple, the latter locks the crew in their armor. Fortunately, Grif distracts Temple and allows Dylan to free the other Reds and Blues, with Tucker incapacitating Temple as a result. As Loco's machine grows unstable, it creates a portal to the past, with Church on the other side. After Caboose says his last goodbye to Church, Dylan has Vic stabilize the machine before it completely disappears.

Tucker and Carolina after the battle

With the machine deactivated, Tucker attempts to kill Temple as an act of revenge, but Carolina manages to talk him out of it, stating the crew aren't like him. As a result, Tucker instead knocks out Temple, calls him a dickhead, and puts him in prison. He then joins the rest of the Reds and Blues outside the Blues and Reds' base, as they are greeted by Sister and their old allies from Chorus, who inform them that Wash is recovering from his injuries back on Chorus.

Misadventures Through Time[]

The Reds and Blues after Grif crashes the Pelican

Having just saved the Earth, the Reds and Blues fly to Sammie Raphaello's for some pizza but Grif crashes their pelican in a forest. The crew suddenly find Donut in the forest, unaware that he was gone, with time-traveling abilities. Donut explains that he was sent by God to recruit the crew to battle the "Devil King", when suddenly, the goddess Kalirama attacks them. Donut gives them all Time-Portal Guns, allowing the crew to escape through time. Tucker escapes with Sister to Valhalla and the two examine their Time-Portal Gun and contemplate what to do with it.

Tucker and Sister examining the Time-Portal Gun

The two decide to travel back in time to Blood Gulch near the end of their fight against Omega in order to see if they had sex or not. As Tucker observes through a Sniper Rifle, he see's his past-self talking to Captain Flowers and accidentally kills the latter. After the battle, Tucker and Sister follow their past-selves into the caves as their past-selves prepare to have sex. Sister suggests she and Tucker do too but Tucker accidentally yells in excitement, alarming his past-self. This forces Tucker and Sister to retreat to Valhalla.

Tucker and Sister meet Atlus

Sister then suggests they go through time to bang past celebrities, but Tucker seems to constantly screw up and prevent them from doing so. Frustrated, they return to Iris in the present and proceed to simultaneously get drunk and high. Suddenly, Atlus Arcadium Rex, a self-proclaimed "god," appears and demands them to give up their time traveling blasphemy. When Tucker and Sister refuse, believing they are hallucinating, Atlus strikes them, only to find his attacks strangely ineffectual, commenting they are blocked by a "firewall." Atlus gets around this limitation by summoning a cyclops to attack Tucker and Sister. After a semi-lengthy battle, the two emerge victorious and retreat into the past before Atlus can strike again.

Donut arrives in Camelto.png

Tucker and Sister land in Ancient England, where the nearby Knights mistake Tucker's sword for Excalibur. Because of this, they appoint him King of England. After a large unspecified amount of time has passed, Grif arrives alongside Huggins, a light being who Grif befriended on his travels, to find that during his time as "King," Tucker's ego had been swelled to ridiculous levels, making him obnoxious to deal with. Shortly after, Donut appears using his own Time-Portal Gun questioning why they've been neglecting to save the past. Grif accuses Donut for working on the wrong side and making them go to the past with intentionally vague instructions in order to damage time. Tucker and Sister side with Grif, making a distraught Donut leave in shame.

Meeting the Cosmic Powers[]

Tucker, Sister and Grif meet the Cosmic Powers

Tucker, Sister, Grif and Huggins then return to the present and have a meeting with the Cosmic Powers. The Cosmic Powers bargain to grant them three wishes in exchange for their cooperation. Tucker nearly wastes the wishes for a longer penis but is overruled by Grif who wishes for a sword of his own. With the "bargaining" over, Atlus tells them to reassemble the rest of the group before they discuss anything further. Upon regrouping with the rest of the crew at Jax's film set, the Reds and Blues travel to Starseeds to speak with the Cosmic Powers.

Reds and Blues with swords.png

The Cosmic Powers reveal that they are actually A.I. and explain that they need the crew's help to imprison Chrovos before he grows strong enough to escape his prison. The Cosmic Powers also give them the Hammer which will trap Chrovos in his prison. The crew contemplate on whether they should help the Cosmic Powers or simply use their time-travel guns to prevent themselves from time-traveling in the first place. Wash, however, tells the Reds and Blues that they must stop running from their past and learn to grow from it instead, convincing the crew to use their devices to stop Chrovos.

Tucker pondering S16E14.png

Carolina then reveals to Wash that he has Cerebral Hypoxia after being shot in the throat and doesn't allow him to join the others. Wash blames her and the others for not telling him and returns to Chorus, despite the Reds and Blues being unaware of his condition as well. To make matters worse, Donut leaves with the Hammer after feeling unappreciated by the others. As a result, the crew decide to go back in time to Temple's base to prevent Wash from getting shot.

Reds and Blues Hanger 1 S16E15.jpeg

When the crew arrives at Temple's base in the past, Grif gets separated from them and meets Genkins in room with a pizza. Genkins reveals to him that he wanted the Reds and Blues to go through with their plan because it will further disrupt the timeline and free Chrovos. Grif rushes to the others to warn them but fails to make it in time. The crew successfully prevent Wash from getting shot and in turn cause a paradox.


S17E1 Alt Timeline-Tucker explosion.jpg

Tucker and the rest of the crew find themselves incorrectly reliving periods of their lives, with one timeline involving Tucker as a heroic soldier who dies while trying to leap a tank over a battleship. Donut, who avoided the consequences of the paradox, manages to travel through time and gather the Reds and Blues in Blood Gulch at the time Tucker gives birth to Junior. Donut explains what's happening to them and successfully restores their memories to the present, with Sister freeing Tucker herself.

S17E10 Reds and Blues attack.jpg

After the crew apologize to Donut for their mistreatment of him, Donut helps them understand how to time-traveling through the Everwhen. With some practice, and Tucker having to painfully relive childbirth again, the Reds and Blues devise a plan to travel to different periods of their lives in order to find and stop Genkins. While jumping through the Everwhen to fix the paradoxes, Tucker becomes confronted with his introduction to Felix following the defeat of the Reds and Blues at Crash Site Bravo by Locus and the Federal Army of Chorus. He realizes that being a leader means being decisive and there when people need you, and ignores the deceit of Genkins trying to convince him to kill Felix and create a paradox, admitting Donut is doing the best at leading the team in healing the Everwhen.


After the Reds and Blues continue to successfully patch up the timeline, Genkins sends them to the Labyrinth. While Tucker is trapped in the Labyrinth he sees his friends disappear one by one and becomes ridden with guilt and suffers a panic attack as he believes he has failed them as their leader, while the Labyrinth A.I. creates illusions of his friends being dead in an attempt to convince him to join them by jumping into a Black Hole. He is eventually rescued by the rest of the team and joins them in the final confrontation with Genkins.

Carolina Tucker and Wash.png

With a bit of cleverness, the crew defeat Genkins by convincing him to travel to the beginning of time, where he becomes Chrovos and finds himself imprisoned. With one paradox left to fix, Wash returns to the moment he gets injured in Temple's base, with the Reds and Blues accompanying him. Fortunately, despite still having Cerebral Hypoxia, Wash is revealed to be in stable condition, much to Tucker and the rest of the Reds and Blues' satisfaction.

A New Timeline[]

Tucker with Shatter Squad 18-5.png

At some point after saving the universe, Tucker continues to serve in the military while the other Reds and Blues, bar Carolina and Washington, retire. He becomes an instructor at a secluded Fort Operating Base training new recruits. However, the syndicate Viper infiltrate the base to steal Tucker's sword but Carolina and Shatter Squad arrive to protect him. During the fight, he is stabbed by Phase, who also steals his sword. Despite briefly flatlining, Tucker is resuscitated by doctors of the Alliance of Defense and is comforted by his friends Carolina and Washington, who express their happiness at his survival. Now without the ability to activate his sword, Tucker expresses that he feels like "half a man", which Wash chuckles at.

Other Versions[]

Epsilon counterpart[]

The version of Tucker that occupied the A.I. Storage Unit has the same personality as his real world counterpart, being very foul mouthed, annoying, and perverted in the eyes of other characters. However, he and Caboose have a better relationship than their real world counterparts.

Helping Church[]

S9 E1.png

Tucker is first seen running to the cliffs to spy on the Reds' new jeep in n+1, with Caboose and Church. While there, the Blues find out that the Reds are making modifications to their jeep, when suddenly the Reds fire missiles at them. The Blues take cover, until Church goes down to Red Base and explains to the Reds that their personalities are incorrect. Believing Church to be dead, Tucker and Caboose return to Blue base in order to call Command for a replacement soldier.

S9 E5.png

When Church returns to Blue Base he is greeted by Caboose and Tucker, who believed Church to be dead and tell him that they called for a replacement soldier. Church, believing the soldier to be Tex, attempts to prepare for her arrival. Tucker provides help by teaching him how to impress ladies and later takes Caboose and Church to the beach end of the canyon to teach them. He has Caboose and Church engage in roleplay but when Caboose doesn't act like a stereotypical woman, Church and Tucker make him.

Tex's Arrival[]


After an earthquake, Tucker asks Church why he acts so calm during them. Church tells Tucker about the outside world, and how the world they are in is all fake. However, neither Tucker or Caboose seem to understand. Tucker and Church then argue more about Church being a computer program and the conversation eventually leads to an argument over whether what Church is doing to Tex is stalker-ish or romantic.

S9 E12.png

Church suddenly notices an active grenade in the center of Blue Team and the three realize someone threw a grenade at them. The grenade soon explodes but is revealed to be a flashbang. Tex approaches them, revealed to be the one who threw the grenade and asks about the dead soldier. In order for her to stay, Church gives her a fake soldier name and Tucker plays along. After calling command, Tex informs the Blues that she's going to help them by killing a Red.

Tucker leaves after being insulted.

In the middle of the canyon, Tex shoots Lopez, which evens the teams but leaves the Blues feeling guilty. Afterwards, Tex reveals that she is staying as Caboose paid her $100 to fix the tank. Later on, after Grif insults the Blues, Tucker and the others gather around Tex's bomb Andy. After Tex sends Andy to Red base, the earthquakes become stronger and more frequent. So, Tucker and Caboose get into the tank and leave to escape, while Church and Tex stay behind.


Tucker S4 Bio.png

Smart-aleck, sarcastic, rude, prone to juvenile humor, and obsessed with women, Tucker has many characteristics of an unruly teenager. Like Grif, he had an extreme aversion to combat and work. He might be lying about his relationships as his claims are not backed up by any evidence of him ever having a relationship, a fact often brought up by Epsilon. If true, it shows that Tucker is actually just trying to impress his friends. Although he sometimes lacks prudence and common sense, Tucker has become somewhat smarter and mature as the series has progressed, questioning things that didn't make sense to him. In Season 3, when the group tried to tell him that the present is destroyed and they're in the future because Church was facing forwards when the bomb went off, Tucker pointed out that they're always in the present and that one can only face forwards. In Season 5, Tucker discovered Wyoming's Time Distortion loop and quickly made an elaborate plan to stop him.

RvB12 TeaserTrailer Tucker.png

Tucker has since become far more mature and trustful, always coming to join the battle to help his allies. In addition, Tucker has also showed levels of empathy towards others. For example, in Season 10, Tucker is the first to forgive Carolina and Epsilon after their quarrel, despite being the first to walk out on them due to their hurtful words. In Season 11, Tucker showed sadness after Epsilon's departure and felt genuinely concerned when Wash was captured by the Federal Army of Chorus. During Season 12, Tucker felt responsible for being the cause of Cunningham's and Rogers' deaths, despite only knowing the two for a short amount of time.

Tucker in Valhalla- S10.png

As of Season 12, Tucker has become a somewhat capable leader, caring for the lives of his men and doing anything it takes to see his missions through. However, he is quite open of his dislike for being in command, still preferring to pass off such responsibilities to more capable hands, although this is less out of selfishness and more towards concern his decisions will doom others. His perverted nature has become somewhat dulled down, due a combination of his friends interrupting his iconic catchphrase, and what used to be a habit having become a coping mechanism in times of stress.

Tucker prepares to enter portal.png

Tucker also values the trust he has with the Reds and Blues and is willing to risk his life in an instant to protect those he sees as family, especially his actual family as shown when he was ready to fight Tex to protect Junior. He is also shown to hold grudges against those who hurt his trust as seen with Felix and Epsilon. By the time of the Chorus Trilogy he is more serious and less of a wisecrack, most likely due to being hardened by his many battles with foes like the Omega, Wyoming, C.T, Meta, and his rival Felix. Another source he may have used to become more mature is Kimball and Washington, giving him wisdom whenever he is or was in need of it, though he will still say his catchphrase every now and again much to the (slight) annoyance to his friends.

After Felix's betrayal, Tucker is shown to have issues trusting people other than his friends. Temple uses this to his advantage to get him to turn on Dylan by pointing out she never mentioned Spencer to him and getting Tucker to briefly turn on her. Even after apparently trusting the Blues and Reds, Tucker only needed a little talk from Dylan to realize they were up to something and didn't trust them anymore. This has also led him to become angered by his friends betraying him and less willing to forgive them, such as Grif leaving the team, Sarge and Doc joining the Blues and Reds, and Simmon's perceived betrayal.


Main article: Tucker's Relationships

Tucker has developed many relationships with other characters in the series.



Tucker Season 01.png

In Episode 54, when Tucker reveals his first name as Lavernius, Church asks whether Tucker is black. Tucker asks why and acts insulted that Church never learned his first name, deflecting any additional questions. Caboose later refers to Tucker as "the other black one" - the first being the black-armored Tex - and refers to Andy as an Explosive-American, leading Tucker to angrily ask if he is being made fun of. When Tucker's armor is covered in black stuff in This One Goes to Eleven, Tex punches him and Sarge remarks that Tex "knocked the black off him." Tucker can be heard replying, "That's racist."

Sniper Rifle[]

Tucker and the Sniper Rifle.png

Due to the scarcity of the sniper rifle, Tucker has never been able to use one. He was originally supposed to get one ordered from Captain Butch Flowers, but because of the captain's death, the order was never placed, ironically because Church accidentally killed Captain Flowers with Aspirin. This gag is repeated numerous times throughout Seasons One and Two, eventually being phased out in Season Three after he accidentally discovers the sword during the attack on O'Malley's base.

During Episode 94 Tucker begs Church to use the sniper rifle; Church agrees to Tucker's request in exchange for his sword. Tucker then displays his unfamiliarity with the device by accidentally shooting Tex in the back, and manages to switch weapons again before she catches him which makes Tex blame Church. Despite this, Tucker managed to skillfully utilize the sniper to kill several Wyoming clones and save Church and Caboose's lives.

The fact that Tucker never gets the sniper rifle was what allowed Dylan Andrews to figure out that the Reds and Blues she was investigating were impostors, as the impostor Tucker was carrying around a sniper rifle.


"Damn it, I hate this black stuff!"

Whenever Tucker goes through a teleporter, he always emerges with his armor covered in "black stuff", which appears to be soot. Barring a single occurrence involving Caboose in Episode 14, this has never occurred to any of the other characters; he comments on this in Season Three. This was briefly touched on in Episode 89, when Church mentions rebooting several devices to repair them, listing the teleporter as one, and Tucker expresses his concern that this was not really successful. It is uncertain why this happens to Tucker only later in the series.

Tucker's Rock[]

Tucker's Rock Season 02.png

It is implied several times throughout the series that Tucker frequently masturbates near a certain rock. In Season Two, when Tex reappears, Tucker asks if she watches the team while they are alone, and the camera flashes to a boulder spray-painted "Keep out! Tucker's rock!" to which Tex responds that Tucker should be very ashamed of himself. During Tucker's pregnancy in Season Four, Caboose offers to guard a rock from Tucker, because he thought "that's how this whole thing got started." In Recreation, during an argument with the Reds, Grif tells Tucker "You had sex with a rock!" to which Tucker replies "Your sister's name is Rock?"

Being Knocked Out[]

Felix knocking Tucker out with his Light Shield

Tucker also has an unlucky tendency to get knocked unconscious. Having been knocked unconscious by friend and foe alike, he suggests to Church that they should rotate knock-outs in Season 3, although Church's response is "Hey good idea, and the next time Caboose decides to go team killing you can take that one." and Tucker retracts the suggestion. The Rooster Teeth Team have asked Jason Saldaña how many times he has had to say, "Oh, what happened?", and jokingly remarked that Tucker for most of Season 4 can be summed up with moaning.[1]


RvB Awards - Best Quote Tucker.png

Tucker had the sudden urge in Season 4 to start using this phrase, "Bow-Chicka- Bow-Wow", and has continued to use it throughout the series. The phrase has garnered much popularity and has been variated by other characters and in many ways; most of which by Tucker himself. This quote was also voted to be Tucker's most memorable quote by fans in The Best of Red vs. Blue Awards special.

Picking Up Chicks[]

Blues admire tank.png

Being perverted, Tucker is constantly suggesting ways for himself, or others, to pick up chicks. He commonly suggests using a vehicle, usually a tank, in order to impress women. This trait is first shown in Red Gets a Delivery, where Tucker complains that one cannot pick up chicks in a tank. However, in the following episode, he quickly changes his mind when he actually sees the tank that was sent to them, stating, "We can definitely pick up chicks in this thing. Probably two or three chicks a piece." to Church and Caboose.

Tucker briefly suggests to Sarge, Grif, and Caboose that they all pick up some chicks if they get the chance during Recreation. In the Season 9 episode Familiar Feelings, Tucker's Epsilon-double is shown to also share this trait, as he suggests to Epsilon about picking up Tex with the tank. When Epsilon is inserted into the mongoose during Season 10, Tucker tells him that he can now literally pick up chicks.

As revealed in Nightmare on Planet Evil, Tucker impregnated various women when he activated the temple of Procreation, showing he finally managed to "pick up some chicks," albeit in the wrong way.


"No way, I'm aqua. Teal's out."

At certain points in the series, characters have been confused about Tucker's exact armor color, even Tucker himself at one point. During Season 4, the Alien describes Tucker as the "Teal one," confusing Tucker, who states that his armor is aqua. In Out of Body, while trying to flirt with Carolina, Tucker describes his, and Carolina's, armor as "greenish-blue", "aqua-marine", and "turquoise", though he then states that he isn't exactly sure himself. In Heavy Mettle, Caboose, while depressed, states that Tucker's armor "...isn't even a shade of blue! It's like an... aqua.". In Long Live the King, Sarge calls Tucker a "thin mint" and a "shamrock", prompting Tucker to respond with "Thin 'mint'? Bitch, my armor's 'aqua'!...I think." Later in the same episode, Donut calls Tucker, "this maniac turquoise guy", only to be yelled at by the latter. In What's Yours is Ours, Sarge calls Tucker "Aquaman", referring to his armor color.

Additionally, Tucker is the only character in the series that has stolen armor that formerly belonged to a Freelancer. This trait is first seen in Silver Linings, where Tucker takes Butch Flowers' (formerly Agent Florida) armor. Then, in The End, Tucker acquires the M374 Hephaestus Combat Suit, which is a modified version of Agent Maine's armor.

Dealing with Anger[]

11 14 tuckerpunch.png

Beginning in Season 11, Tucker has been shown to become increasingly angry to certain individuals around him, similar to Church. He mostly holds grudges towards those who have hurt him in some sort of way and has difficulty communicating those feelings to said individuals. He held a grudge against Epsilon for abandoning the Reds and Blues in Season 11 despite Epsilon having a legitimate reason to do so: stopping the sale of Project Freelancer equipment. Although, Epsilon not saying anything before leaving is what struck Tucker. After hearing some opinions from his teammates, Tucker reconciles with Epsilon.

Also in Season 11, Tucker begins showing anger towards Washington for his strict training regimen. The two constantly get into arguments throughout the season until Tucker finally confesses that all he wanted was to talk to Church, not change who he was. Wash opens up that Tucker is changing in a positive way and the two ultimately reconcile in Reconciliation.

In Season 15, Tucker holds a grudge towards Dylan for not mentioning that Spencer was after him, though Temple was responsible for triggering this grudge in an attempt to turn him against her. Tucker was also notably upset at seeing Grif again after he originally quit on the gang and for apparently ruining any attempt at escaping the Blues and Reds. In addition, Tucker expresses animosity towards Sarge after the latter betrays them by joining the Blues and Reds, showing how deeply Tucker is affected when one of his friends turns on him.

In Quicksave, when the gang needed to steal a Pelican to escape Armada 8, Locus decided that stealth was needed but Tucker instead begins shooting the Grunts directly in a fit of rage over being lied to about Church's survival. Unfortunately, a hallucinating Washington walks into the firefight and gets shot through the neck. Tucker's anger continued to be a pervasive issue during their assault on the Blues and Reds' base on Earth, as his belligerence caused him to punch a tank until it exploded. Tucker also had to be convinced by his friends to not murder Temple in revenge for everything that the rogue Sim Trooper had put him and his friends through, though it was only grudgingly that Tucker spared the coward's life. Even Carolina, whose need for revenge was previously so intense that she intended to kill her own father, begged him to grant mercy to their enemy.

Skills and Abilities[]

Tucker's abilities grew over time thanks to Wash's training and gaining new technology over the course of the series.


12 18 00035.png

Tucker has been shown to survive brutal punishment, such as when he was struck by a rocket and quickly made a full recovery all by himself. After the Alien attacks him in Episode 63, he also makes a quick recovery. In This One Goes to Eleven, Tucker seemed to be the most capable in fighting Tex, as her attacks were not that much of a problem for him and he actually joked most of the time while she was hitting him, though he was left semi-conscious on the floor repeatedly before making a speedy recovery. During Season 12, Tucker recovers from multiple injuries and mishaps while training with the New Republic in Training Daze, and even continues to keep training, displaying his perseverance.

After being stabbed by Felix in Fed vs. New, Tucker pushes through his pain and manages to keep recording Felix's plan without the latter's knowledge, an act that nearly cost him his life, which also resulted in the Chorus armies learning of the Space Pirates' plan's.


Tucker stabs the Meta.png

Although Tucker was initially reluctant to do battle and was willing to always stall his involvement in fighting before Recreation, Tucker was shown to be something of a capable fighter, able to quickly kill a Zealot with his sword and well-trained Wyoming clones with both his sword and his sniper rifle. In Recreation it is shown that Tucker has become a remarkable fighter, able to take on a large group of heavily armed soldiers and aliens all by himself.

Tucker cgi stab.png

It is clear from C.T's attitude towards him that Tucker has proven to be a formidable opponent. He was even able to blow up C.T.'s jeep with a single strike from his sword. In n+1, he took on the Meta and managed to stab him with his sword straight in the chest, though this didn't seem to affect him. It also appeared that his main basis in attacking with the sword were the words "swish, swish, stab". In True Colors, he manages to eliminate several Tex drones with his sword, but does not make any witty comments while fighting.

TuckerArmor 12teaser.png

In Season 11, Washington has Tucker undergo several rigorous training exercise scenarios, which further improve his fighting capabilities, as he is seen eliminating and outmaneuvering several Federal Army of Chorus soldiers throughout the season. In Season 12, Tucker is shown to be given a squad and, unlike Caboose, Simmons, and Grif, participates in an actual infiltration of a Federal Army outpost, where he exhibits a good sense of stealth. He also has great strength as shown in Red vs Red where he destroys a tank just by punching it.

Tucker explosion.png

As noted by Temple, Tucker's prowess can arguably be considered on par with the Freelancers since he was trained by Wash and the Aliens. One example can be seen in Nightmare on Planet Evil where Tucker effortlessly knocked Jax out during the latter's very quiet sneak attack. He shows great skill in using his weapon even against airborne enemies, such as in A Fistful of Colours, where he single-handedly jumped on a moving ship and killed the pilot with his weapon, and landed perfectly. In Desolation, Grif noted that without the Freelancers on their side, Tucker was their best soldier. Tucker later proves to be a major key in defeating the Blues and Reds by defeating Cronut, Lorenzo, Buckey, and Temple. Particularly, he knocks the magnum out of Temple's hand by roundhouse kicking it. He seems to favor this move, doing it again in Season 16 when Carolina throws a Zealot in his direction. He roundhouse kicks him, knocking him out.


12 02 00010.png

While normally not known for his smarts, Tucker has demonstrated great tactical ingenuity on multiple occasions, such as outsmarting Wyoming's time-loop and coming up with an elaborate plan to defeat Locus and Felix in Fed vs. New. The latter is especially impressive when you consider the tactical intelligence of not only Locus and Felix themselves, but Control as well, who was orchestrating the operation. He was also the first member of the Reds and Blues to suspect the Blues and Reds of being villains.

Strategic Planning[]

"Meh, we'll wing it."

Tucker has grown to become quite the strategist as he has been shown executing successful battle plans and strategies throughout the series. In Season 5, Tucker uses his Sword to outsmart Wyoming, kill several of his clones, save his teammates, and devise a plan with Sheila to stop Gamma. In his return in Recreation, Tucker manages to best C.T.'s men singlehandedly and get his friends to safety in the process.

Tucker returns.png

Unfortunately, while he usually succeeds, some of Tucker's plans end badly with someone getting hurt or killed. In Hit and Run, Tucker deviated from Felix's plan to detonate F.A.C. Outpost 22 and decided to get the information on where Washington, Sarge, Donut, Freckles, and Lopez were being kept after hearing two Fed soldiers talk about them. Getting the full information ended up getting two of his squadmates killed. However, Tucker redeems himself by devising a plan to save the Feds and Rebels from killing each other in Fed vs. New.

In True Colors, Tucker decided the group needed to figure out if the Blues and Reds were actually bad guys and his plan involved asking them directly, which ended up with most of the team getting captured after learning the truth, though partly out of not knowing about the Grunts and Sarge and Doc betraying them.


Having grown strong combat capabilities, Tucker has killed many enemies throughout the series, such as the Red Zealot, Wyoming, the Meta (with assistance from Wash and the Reds), and the Tex drones. Additionally in Red vs. Blue: The Shisno Paradox, it is mentioned by sister that Tucker accidentally kills Catherine the Great offscreen while time travelling. He also shoots Adolf Hitler, although this was done intentionally.



  • Tucker is from Detroit, Michigan.
  • In Sis and Tuc's Sexellent Adventure, Tucker reveals his mother is deceased. It is unknown how and when she died.
  • As stated in Season 14, Tucker admitted to committing statutory rape after sleeping with an underage girl. However, to his credit, he states the girl told him she was 18. The charges were later dropped.
  • Tucker is an atheist.
  • Tucker is the only member of the Reds and Blues that has kids.
    • His eldest child is Junior, whom he had with the blue Alien whose species apparently breeds through infecting a host with a parasitic embryo regardless of gender or species. This would technically make him the “mother”.
    • He has also fathered numerous children with female residents of Chorus after activating the Temple of Procreation, however, it is unknown how many (given the number of mothers is enough for a class act, it implies something in the double digits). In A Fistful of Colours, Simmons mentions insultingly having enough for an elementary school, but it is unclear if this was an exaggeration or factual. However, in Sis and Tuc's Sexellent Adventure, Tucker admitted he owed child support payments that would make up a portion of Chorus' GDP, giving weight to the insult.
      • As implied while describing what happened after the Temple of Procreation was activated, Tucker may be immune to aphrodisiacs.
  • Tucker's biggest fears include Felix and Locus, as revealed by Santa, and losing his friends, as revealed in Omphalos.
  • Sheila was sent to Blue Base after Tucker sent in 57 request letters for Blue Team to gain a female recruit, claiming it would boost “morale” and bring “diversity” to the team.
  • Tucker's armor wasn't originally his. He stole Captain Flowers' armor after his first passing. Prior to this, Tucker wore regulation blue armor similar to Caboose.
  • Up until Hello, My Name is Andrew, Church never knew Tucker's first name.
  • As shown in Season 4 when teaching Crunchbite English, Tucker has horrible handwriting.
  • Tucker has developed both superb eyesight and hearing as of Season 5. While at Blue Base, Tucker, without the use of the sniper rifle, was able to clearly identify the new yellow soldier at Red Base as female. Additionally, he was inside Blue Base when he overheard a discussion between Church and Tex, who were far away from the base at that time. (Tucker claimed to have developed his eyesight after not being able to use the sniper rifle for so long).
  • Tucker had equal rank to Church, although he clearly has no problems with Church as the Blue leader. He'd later get ranked higher after becoming a Captain.
  • According to the Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide Tucker went to the Sangheili home planet with Junior and learned how to use his Energy Sword more proficiently.
  • During his conversation with Carolina in Out of Body, Tucker did not seem to know the color of his armor, calling it “greenish-blue”, “aqua-marine”, and “turquoise”, despite the fact that he correctly called it “aqua” in Previous Commitments. This is a reference to the available armor colors in different Halo games constantly changing names.
    • When the series moved onto the Halo 2 engine, Tucker's armor color was changed to “teal” as “aqua” was not a selectable color. In the series, the two colors are considered the same.
  • In Counseling, the Meta’s death is revealed to be caused by drowning via four punctures in his suit, most likely made when Tucker stabbed him, making Tucker partially the cause of the Meta's death.
  • Despite having held the sniper rifle at least twice, Dylan Andrews claims in The Mother of Destruction that Tucker has never once held a sniper rifle, which is how she identifies an impostor Tucker based on the fact he wields one.
  • Tucker is shown primarily using the DMR while in the Halo 4 and Halo 5 engine as opposed to the Battle Rifle the other Blood Gulch soldiers favor.
  • Tucker's promotion to Captain in Season 12 ranks him among some of the highest ranking soldiers encountered in the series, along with fellow captains Flowers, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose.
  • Tucker has, at times, referenced and used movie cliches as a template for real life. For example, in Season 8, after Grif was dragged off the cliff in n+1, Tucker suggested that he might be hanging off a tree branch “or something”, according to “some movies”. In Season 12, his plan to infiltrate the Federal Army base by knocking out and stealing the armor of two Feds is a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Felix then warns him that not everything in life works like a movie, but Tucker brushes off his concerns.
  • Tucker has the most appearances in the Chorus Trilogy out of all characters (57 episodes).
  • Like Carolina, Tucker seems to take a liking to alien technology.
  • Tucker is the only character to appear in all eighteen seasons of Red vs. Blue, if one acknowledges the Epsilon recreation of him in Season 9. However, in Season 6 only his voice is heard.


  1. Rooster Teeth Productions (2006). Audio commentary. In Red vs. Blue: Season Four [DVD]. Buda, Texas: Rooster Teeth Productions.

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Vehicles: M808V Main Battle Tank · Chopper