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"The Labyrinth is fiendish. It doesn't kill them, not directly. Imagine a cube, containing a light bulb, lined with mirrors. It becomes unbearable inside. Too bright. Too hot. In this case, their emotions are the light bulb. The Labyrinth is a reflection of themselves, where their own amplified negativity overwhelms them. Their only escape is to self-destruct."
Chrovos explaining the Labyrinth to Donut in Omphalos

The Labyrinth is a location on Starseeds built by Burnstorm to guard Chrovos' prison to ensure they are never released. It does this by forcing its intruders to live through illusions of their worst fears or past traumas, driving them to commit suicide by throwing themselves off a cliff into a black hole. It is overseen and controlled by an A.I of the same name who creates said illusions.

It is first introduced in Killing Time and serves as the setting for the climax of Red vs. Blue: Singularity where Genkins uses it against the Reds and Blues to kill them while he creates enough paradoxes to break Chrovos' cell.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Labyrinth, along with its A.I guardian, was built over the black hole on Starseeds by Burnstorm as a means to prevent someone breaking into Chrovos' prison and releasing him onto the universe to destroy time itself. It was created to trap its intruders inside of it and force them to live through illusions of their worst nightmares, past traumas or fears for the future, causing untold misery on its victims, eventually driving them to kill themselves, either as a self sacrifice in the illusion itself or just to end their misery, by jumping off a cliff into the black hole which would suffocate and kill them.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Labyrinth is similar to that of Santa's warrior test in Season 13 where the inhabitant is forced to live through their worst fears, although the labyrinth is to a much larger scale and intended to cause physical harm unlike Santa's test.
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