"I don't think he's gonna make it! What are we gonna do!?"
—Kohan, about the actor Sarge shot
"What're you looking at me for, Kohan? You're the producer! Fucking fix it!"
—Jax Jonez in Headshots

Kohan Wooter is the producer of Jax Jonez's film adaptation of Season 15, Red vs. Blue: The Movie Film. He is a supporting character in The Shisno Paradox.

Role in PlotEdit

Kohan first appears on Jax's film set in Desert Gulch following the arrival of Sarge and Simmons' new Red Team recruits, checking whether the actor shot by Sarge is still alive or not, and later informing Jax that he did, in fact, die. Later on, the stress and abuse of working with Jax slowly gives Kohan a heart attack during Carolina and Washington's visit to the soundstage. Kohan later returns during the shoot of Jax's behind-the-scenes documentary of the film, held at gunpoint to compliment Jax during his interview. After the Reds and Blues depart, he informs Jax that the studio has cut off their funding, remarking that he is finally "free".


  • Kohan's armor, like the rest of the film crew, consists of Mark VI body armor and an Operator Gen 1 helmet.
  • Kohan is based on Rooster Teeth producer Koen Wooten (who also voices him); his relationship with Jax is a parody of the real-life relationship between Wooten and director Joe Nicolosi, who voices Jax.


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