"It’s just…weird, seeing a military bird out here on her own like this, y’know?""
—Killgore in Prologue

Corporal Kilgore was a crew member aboard the UNSC Tartarus, first appearing in Prologue.

Role in Plot Edit


Kilgore when confronting Felix

Kilgore is first seen aiding Blanton and Stassney in the docking bay when identifying the Pelican's crew. After finding only Felix, the latter quickly befriends them. Later when Felix is fighting Mayers and Stassney, Kilgore attempts to confront Felix, which results in him getting quickly subdued and flipped into the air kicking his own teammate in the face. He lands on his feet, quickly apologizes and heads straight back for Felix. Once again he is quickly immobilized and used as a human shield against the aforementioned teammate, who throws two punches at Kilgore. He is then thrown to the ground by Felix. It is assumed that this kills him.

Personality Edit

Kilgore seems to be more relaxed than Blanton, but slightly more serious than Stassney.

Trivia Edit

  • According to his rank insignia, Kilgore is a Corporal.
  • Kilgore's name seems to be a reference to Colonel Kilgore from Apocalypse Now

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