"I am Kalirama the Undying. Goddess of Death, War and Annihilation. Daughter of Time. Queen of the Cosmic Powers and Mother to the Fates. Bow before me, so that I may sever your heads from your necks!"
—Kalirama introducing herself in Incendiary Incidents

Kalirama is a four-armed "goddess" and queen of the Cosmic Powers. She, like the rest of the gods, is actually an ancient Artificial Intelligence created by Chrovos to manipulate younger races. She first appears in Incendiary Incidents, and serves as a supporting character in The Shisno Paradox.

Role in Plot[edit | edit source]

Like the rest of the Cosmic Powers, Kalirama was created at some point in the distant past by Chrovos as part of an unknown, galaxy-spanning project. Her exact role in the rebellion that overthrew Chrovos and the rest of the Titans is unknown, however.

Kalirama is the first of the Cosmic Powers to find the Reds and Blues after they are given time machines by Donut, having been informed of their whereabouts by Genkins. After they find Sammie Raphaello's Pizza destroyed and travel back in time a few days, she arrives and unsuccessfully attempts to destroy them (destroying the restaurant and completing the time loop in the process). After finding herself unable to harm the Reds and Blues, they all escape into the past.

She is later present when Atlus Arcadium Rex and the rest of the Cosmic Powers gather to discuss the Reds and Blues' time travel on Starseeds, informing the others of her attempt and confirming that they are immune to the gods' power, due to "His" protection.

When Huggins returns to Starseeds to ask Atlus to give the Reds and Blues an audience, he is initially enraged and storms off, before Kalirama follows to calm him down, eventually seducing him. Soon after she accompanies Atlus, along with Genkins and Burnstorm, to meet with Grif, Tucker and Sister. She is also present when the rest of the Reds and Blues later come to Starseeds in person, where she re-introduces herself and helps to explain the history of the Cosmic Powers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kalirama's armor consists of the Helioskrill helmet and Venator Thraex body armor.
  • Kalirama's name, role and appearance all allude to Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction, also evidenced by the scimitar and skull she holds when she first meets the Reds and Blues.
    • Kalirama's name also means "black" in Sanskrit.
    • While Kali is referred to as the Divine Mother of the Hindu gods, Kalirama calls herself the "Daughter of Time" (referring to Chrovos). She is, however, the "mother" of Genkins and the Fates.
    • It is revealed in A Time for Hammers that the Cosmic Powers' theatrics and apparent parallels to Earth mythologies are to some extent subjective, a smokescreen programmed by Chrovos to aid them in manipulating younger races.
  • Atlus Arcadium Rex is both Kalirama's brother and her husband; historically, among polytheistic gods and pantheons, this sort of incest/marriage between siblings is not unusual.

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