This article is about the soldier affiliated with C.T. You may be looking for the Blue Rat's Nest soldier.

"Yes! Great shot Jones."
— C.T. complimenting Jones.
"Thanks, but it's actually pronounced Jo-en-es, sir."
—Jones correcting C.T. in Hang Time

Jones (pronounced Jo-en-es) is a member of C.T.'s "dig team". He only appears in the episode Hang Time, where he shoots Epsilon in order to disable him.

Role in PlotEdit

Jones is the only one of C.T. 's men who is given a name, which is a follow-up to a joke in Reconstruction, where the Blues of Rat's Nest call one of their soldiers Jo-en-es, when his real name is Jones. Jones is only seen in Hang Time, shooting and disabling Epsilon with a plasma pistol. As a result, Smith and the other Aliens kill all their human comrades, except for C.T. who flees with the disabled Epsilon, starting an enormous battle.


  • In the end credits of Recreation, Jones is listed as Jones II, referencing the joke regarding him and the other character.
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