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This article is about the Rat's Nest Blue. You may be looking for the soldier affiliated with C.T..

"It's very common! How am I the first guy you've met called Jones?"
—Private Jones in Reconstruction: Chapter 3

Jones was a Blue Team soldier at Outpost 28-A "Rat's Nest".

Role in Plot[]

The entire squad, including Lieutenant Miller, mispronounces his name Jo-en-es, to which Jones explains that his name is common and is surprised that no one had heard of it before. When Washington arrives for Caboose, Lieutenant Miller orders Jones to untie him and bring him forward, where Jones reluctantly agrees. When he does, Caboose "accidentally" shoots Jones in the back, causing him to scream in pain before dying from the wound.


  • Jones is voiced by Gavin Free, a long-time Rooster Teeth community member (and subsequent member of Achievement Hunter), who went on to direct Red vs. Blue: Recreation.
    • Jones is also the surname of Michael Jones, an employee of Rooster Teeth who works in the Achievement Hunter office with Gavin Free. There is a recurring joke between the two (due to people on the internet pairing them in a relationship) of Gavin being Gavin Jones.
    • Keeping the tradition of voicing Jones characters, Gavin Free also voices Pounder McJones from the Grifball Mini-Series.
  • The joke makes another appearance in Hang Time, where a character named Jones (pronounced "Jo-en-es") is present on C.T.'s Excavation Team.
  • According to the Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide Jones is the one who put Caboose in solitary confinement.
  • While this Jones has blue armor with a white trim and pronounces his name "Jones", the Jo-en-es from C.T.'s dig team has white armor with a blue trim and pronounces his name "Jo-en-es".

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