"My primary directive is to seek, destroy, and completely eradicate any members of the Blue Army, sir!"
—MacGruff in Fifty Shades of Red

Johnson MacGruff was one of many Red Army simulation troopers selected to take part in a competition that would determine the leader for the Reds stationed at Blood Gulch. He had previously served at an outpost known as Fort Florida before being selected for the competition.

Role in PlotEdit

MacGruff is first seen in the episode Fifty Shades of Red, where he is lined up next to several potential candidates for the leader of the Red team in Blood Gulch, including Sarge, Daggerknife, and Buckshot.

The first task he and the other candidates had to accomplish measured their ability to communicate. The goal was to talk one of the other soldiers through a bomb defusal scenario, in which a bomb was strapped to the underside of a Warthog. During the task, Sarge asked MacGruff to find a flamethrower for him which he then later used to burn the defusal instructions for the bomb.

Afterwards, MacGruff and the Reds were given rubber bullets to use for a shootout. Thinking they were given rubber bullets by mistake, the competitors switched them out for real bullets and proceeded with the shootout in which only Sarge and Daggerknife survived.


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