Dr. Johanson is a physicist and friend of Dylan Andrews, first making a vocal appearance in the Season 15 episode Desolation.

Role in PlotEdit

After sending him a sketch of Loco's Machine, Dylan calls Dr. Johanson about it, who upon review determined that it was harmless and illogically assembled. He determined the machine was a laser drill and needed a power source equivalent to a star to function. This sets Andrews at ease and Johanson decides to run the machine through a simulation with his associates for their amusement.

However, Johanson later discovers through the simulation after some computer malfunctions that the machine does work by being powered by some form of a time machine gateway. He adds that it creates a wormhole to the past and uses the imbalanced energy as a power source, calling it a chrono-electric generator; believing that this technology was either alien or supernatural in origin. Panicking, he explains the machine will destroy the planet, due to environmental catastrophes, the drill itself, and the blackhole the generator will create. Upon telling Dylan, he decides the best option for him and his colleagues is to get so drunk they would be able to lose consciousness for the imminent Apocalypse.


  • Dr. Johanson's name is based on his voice actor '''Joe Hanson''

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